National Day offers from Bevatel 9292

Subscribe now to all bevatel cloud solutions and call center services for a limited time. Only 9292 Saudi riyal per year on the occasion of the 92nd Saudi national day

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National Day offers from Bevatel 9292

Cloud Call Center

Contact your customers via the first cloud call center to manage your call center with multiple features and elevate your customer service with high-quality calls at the lowest costs.

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cloud call center

CRM System

Monitor your work regularly via Bevatel CRM to develop your marketing and sales departments, recognize prospective customers, and monitor sales processes.

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 crm system

SMS Service

Keep connected with your customers faster everywhere by Bevatel SMS Services to notify your customers of all promotions wherever they are.

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 sms service

Bevatel Social

From Now, you won’t miss any conversation! With Bevatel Social, the first service that enables you to receive your establishment social media channels conversations through Bevatel unified platform

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 bevatel social

National Day offers from Bevatel 9292

Subscribe now to all bevatel cloud solutions and call center services for a limited time. Only 9292 Saudi riyal per year on the occasion of the 92nd Saudi national day

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National Day offers from Bevatel 9292

Leading & Certificated

Bevatel is a leading company in Saudi Arabia for communications & information technology. For more than 15 years, Bevatel has succeeded in being the leading company providing contact center solutions.

Integrated Solutions

Bevatel Provides integrated solutions for companies' contact centers with experts and trained agents with international standards, besides call center and customer service devices and systems.

Professional Contact Centers

Always get the best get a professional contact center from Bevatel with the latest call center and customer service systems and devices for integrated service at the highest quality.

Bevatel Services & Solutions

Cloud Call Center

Upgrade your establishment or business contact center with the Bevatel Cloud Call Center that provides you with various professional features to make and receive calls, including:-

  • Cloud call center system works with internet connection

  • A control panel to manage the entire call center

  • Live panel detailed for the call center

  • Integrated and detailed reports for contact center calls

  • Call recording, and extract recordings for the last 30 days

  • Waiting, IVR, voice mail, and call forwarding

  • API Integration with CRM, ERP, and billing systems

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cloud call center

CRM System

Bevatel CRM is the latest professional system for managing customer relationships and their interactions with your services and products

CRM for Marketing
CRM System for Marketing

Bevatel CRM system enables you to manage your company marketing operations with multiple professional features, like:-

  • Automate marketing operations to save money and effort

  • Provide better overview about leads& current customers

  • Execute and track social media campaigns

  • Execute and track E-mail campaigns

  • Execute and manage SMS campaigns

CRM for sales
CRM System for Sales
Sales Operations Managing

CRM system provides you with multiple features and options to execute and track your sales operations starting from catching leads and issuing proposals and even turning them into actual customers and issuing the invoice

Sales Funnel Development

CRM System provides the sales department with many tools that provide you with reports and analytics regarding your customers' demographic properties and purchasing logs. These reports help you set the strategy and technique of dealing with customers

CRM System for Stores
Bevatel CRM system provides you with professional features to manage stores and follow up on sold and available products. And it enables you to manage and track your customers' and suppliers' deals

CRM for Projects

CRM system enables you to manage the current and new projects by:-

  • Adding the project details and data

  • Adding, determining, and distributing the tasks

  • Determining the deadlines and tracking the project's steps

CRM for managements
Technical Support & Customer Service Development
CRM & Technical support Tickets

Bevatel CRM helps you provide customers with better technical support with technical support tickets that enable you to save, track and resolve the customers' problems and inquiries

CRM for Customer Service

Bevatel CRM system provides detailed reports regarding your customers' problems, inquiries, and needs to help you understand your target audience and provide them with better service and technical support

CRM for support

Unified number 9200 & 800

Bevatel provides establishments and businesses with the unified 9200 number service with multiple options and professional features to make and receive many concurrent calls

Unified Number 9200

Bevatel provides the unified number 9200 and 800 services with many advantages, including:-

  • Call Recorded

  • Multiple packages and options

  • IVR service

  • Voice mail service

  • Making conference calls

  • Waiting and call recording features

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Bevatel Social Service

Get rid of multiple inboxes, and receive all your business conversations through social media through the unified Bevatel Social platform for all messengers with many advantages

bevatel social
  • WhatsApp Business API Verification with your Unified Number

  • Communication with an unlimited number of customers

  • Multiple accesses from different devices

  • ChatBots

  • Receive all chats

  • Connect to your E-mails

  • Add multiple WhatsApp numbers and social media accounts

  • Add the Contact Us button to your Website

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SMS Service

Communicate with the many of your target customers using Bevatel SMS service at the lowest price per message and with many options and features, such as:-

  • SMS scheduling

  • Sending on behalf of your establishment

  • Bulk SMS or individual messages

  • Divide customer lists into groups with tags

  • Sending through the call center system or CRM

  • API Integration with multiple systems

  • Direct customers to your site or your mobile app

  • Statistics detailed and periodic reports on consumption

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SMS Service


Cloud Solutions & Integrated Services

Stay connected with your customers in a more professional way through Bevatel high-quality cloud services and solutions for the advanced contact centers at the lowest costs with multiple features and options.

Bevatel Softphone

Get Bevatel Softphone App, call your customers and receive their calls cloudly wherever you are via your mobile and with professional features.

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Bevatel Softphone bevatel CRM App

Bevatel CRM App

Bevatel CRM is the first mobile app that enables you to manage and track sales, marketing, and your customers’ transactions with multiple features for customer service

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