Cloud Call Center

Contact your customers via the first cloud call center to manage your call center with multiple features and elevate your customer service with high-quality calls at the lowest costs.

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cloud call center

CRM System

Monitor your work regularly via Bevatel CRM to develop your marketing and sales departments, recognize prospective customers, and monitor sales processes.

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 crm system

SMS Service

Keep connected with your customers faster everywhere by Bevatel SMS Services to notify your customers of all promotions wherever they are.

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 sms service

Outsourcing Call Center

Keep your calls with customers professional with Bevatel Outsource Call Center by qualified agents trained by the international standards, regular service 24h/day and the lowest costs.

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 outsourcing call center

Bevatel Social

From Now, you won’t miss any conversation! With Bevatel Social, the first service that enables you to receive your establishment social media channels conversations through Bevatel unified platform

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 bevatel social

Bevatel Cloud Solutions & Integrated Services

Stay connected with your customers in a more professional way through Bevatel high-quality cloud services and solutions for the advanced contact centers at the lowest costs with multiple features and options.

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خدمات و حلول بيفاتيل

Leading & Certificated

Bevatel is a leading company in Saudi Arabia for communications & information technology. For more than 15 years, Bevatel has succeeded in being the leading company providing contact center solutions.

Integrated Solutions

Bevatel Provides integrated solutions for companies' contact centers with experts and trained agents with international standards, besides call center and customer service devices and systems.

Professional Contact Centers

Always get the best get a professional contact center from Bevatel with the latest call center and customer service systems and devices for integrated service at the highest quality.

Our Solutions & Services

Professional services and smart solutions for a regular connection and high-quality calls.

cloud call center
Cloud Call Center

Connect with your customers faster via the first integrated cloud call center to manage and operate your contact center cloudy with high-quality calls.

 bevatel unified number service
Unified Number 9200

اGet a unique unified number from Bevatel and receive all your business calls on this number for better calls with your customers from anywhere.

CRM System

Bevatel CRM helps you improve marketing and sales performance and recognize customers’ problems and needs.

 sms service from bevatel
SMS Service

Connect with your customers with the fastest means and the lowest costs by Bevatel SMS service. Then your customers will know all your updates.

 outsourcing call center
Outsourcing Call center

Get rid of all connection problems with Bevatel Outsource call center, integrated system, and trained agents with the international standards.

 voip products
Voip Products

Get the latest VOIP products for your company from Bevatel; Smart professional IP Phones and high-quality headphones.


Keep your connection with your customer faster and easier by Bevatel Softphone that enables you to make and receive calls online.

 auto dailer system from bevatel
Auto Dialer

Save much time and effort by using Bevatel Auto Dialer to auto-dial customers’ lists in a short time.

Integrated reports & User-friendly Control Panel

to manage your cloud call center

Cloud Call Center & Integrated Panel

Bevatel Cloud Call Center provides you with a professional integrated user-friendly panel to manage your business or your establishment contact center, It also includes many features to make and receive customers’ calls, track your business, evaluate and develop your staff performance generally. Bevatel Call center is a cloud system that enables you to track your business contact center performance remotely from anywhere just by internet connection without having to be in the contact center. This cloud system also allows the call center agents to make and receive calls cloudly remotely and from anywhere, just with an internet connection.

 bevatel dashboard
bevatel live panel
Live Panel

The live panel is one of Bevatel Cloud Call Center system advantages. This panel enables you to track your business' contact center live and periodically. Through this panel, you can display the concurrent calls and their details, listen to them, guide the agent or correct some info, and other advantages that the system provides. The live Panel also provides many details about waiting lists, the agents’ performance periodically if he has a call or if he is in a break, and other features that help you evaluate and develop your staff performance.

Performance Reports

Bevatel reports system provides many details that help you track your business and your staff performance. Bevatel Cloud Call Center performance reports provide you with in-depth details about the calls made and received by every agent and the duration Also, these reports provide you with much data about received and missed calls by every agent and other details that enable you to track your staff performance, customer service performance generally for evaluation and development purposes.

bevatel reports
softphone application
Bevatel Softphone Apps

  • Bevatel Softphone is the latest application that enables you to make and receive your business calls via a unified number from anywhere just with an internet connection.

  • Bevatel Softphone application is an alternative and advanced solution to make and receive your business calls via mobile or computer instead of landline usage.

  • Softphone application is user-friendly with computer and mobile which runs by android or IOS.

Bevatel CRM App

Bevatel CRM is the latest customer relationship management system with many features that help you develop marketing and sales plans. This system enables you to manage and track all sales processes and turn potential customers into real ones. It also provides you with many features that help you manage digital marketing campaigns, recognize target customers, and develop marketing plans generally. Bevatel CRM system enables you to manage your business stores, recognize the available and the sold products stocks, track the suppliers and customers’ deals. And it helps you manage all projects, distribute and track all staff tasks.

 bevatel crm application

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