Auto Dialer System

Auto Dialer System

Bevatel auto dialer system is the latest auto dialer software to make the calls faster and more organized.

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What is the auto dialer?

The auto dialer software is a system that enables your company to automatically call specific lists for various purposes, such as communicating with them, or displaying voice messages, or conducting surveys for your products and services.

Auto dialer system automatically calls specific lists of customers. And when they answer the call, the system diverts calls as incoming calls to sales, customer service, or technical support staff.

The Auto Dialer Service also enables you to call specific customers’ lists and run a recorded voice message. This feature helps to many purposes that the company needs.

Auto Dialer Service

Conducting surveys by Auto dialer

Bevatel helps you conduct surveys about your company’s products or services by auto calling customers lists and running voice messages. And then, the customers will fill out the surveys by selecting specific numbers for their answers.

Auto Dialer Solutions

What Are Auto Dialer System Features?

Bevatel provides a high-quality auto dialer system, with a lot of advantages “all in one service” we can mention some of these features, as follows:

Well-organized call making & distributing

Auto dialer software enables you to well-organized make and to distribute calls to agents and with a specific list for each agent, instead of calls distributed randomly.

Time saving

Auto dialer service helps you save much time by well-organized auto-dialling customers’ lists; instead of getting the customers’ numbers and calling them manuals.

Calls scheduling, Holidays & Off duty

Bevatel enables you to schedule calls and auto calling at a specific time. Also, it helps you auto call customers lists on holidays and off duty.


Auto dialer system enables you to execute successful telemarketing at the lowest cost by auto calling customers lists and displaying the promotions.

Calendaring feature

Auto dialer service enables you to call specific customers’ lists to remind them of the dates by a recorded voice message the customers will hear after answering.

Integrated reports

Bevatel provides integrated reports about done and canceled calls, the false numbers, call duration, and other details that help to improve the performance.

Call Recording & Forwarding

Auto dialer service provides you with a call forwarding option to help the customers contact a specific agent and call recording to improve the quality.


Bevatel makes the telesales process easier by auto calling prospective customers’ lists then the sales staff begin to sell the services and products.

Bevatel for advanced communications solutions provides you with the best auto dialer system with many features and uses for telesales and marketing, and other uses that help to improve customer service, sales, and technical support, as well as making many calls in a short time.

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Auto Dialer Software

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