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What is the short message service?

Text messages service -or as it is known as SMS service- is a method that establishments and businesses use to communicate with their customers and users by sending a text message that includes certain content with a defined idea and specific objectives.

These objectives differ from one establishment to another according to every establishment’s needs and requirements.

Contact centers services companies provide this service to commercial activities and establishments that want to communicate with many of their target customers quickly and at the lowest costs.

Bevatel provides this service by providing institutions and commercial activities with the SMS module or distribution platform to send a large number of text messages to their customers with various premium features and options.

What are the SMS service usages?

The SMS service usage purposes differ from one establishment to another according to the plans and needs of each one and the type of services or products it provides.

In addition to the establishment field, is it a governmental, private establishment, a commercial enterprise seeking profit, or a non-profit establishment and other considerations that affect its objectives? And how each one uses the short message service?

We can mention some of the text messaging services usages in some points and briefly as follows:

  • Marketing campaigns for business products and services.
  • Announcing new services or products offered by the company.
  • Inviting customers to visit the company’s store or website.
  • Notify customers of the latest updates on prices, discounts, and more.
  • Reminders of defined dates, such as the dates for renewal of subscription and termination of service.
  • Notifying clients and users of changing working hours and new dates.
  • Notifying individuals of new decisions taken by the establishment.
  • Awareness campaigns on specific topics, problems, or diseases.
  • Fundraising campaigns for charities.

Certainly, we cannot count or list all the Bulk SMS service usages on one page. So we tried to mention some of the common uses of text messages for businesses, governmental and non-profit establishments.

What are the Bevatel SMS services Features?

Bevatel provides all SMS services for establishments and commercial activities with the lowest error rate and multiple professional features and options that enable them to communicate with their customers faster and more effectively, saving time, effort, and costs.

Many advantages make companies and commercial activities use the SMS service from Bevatel. We can mention the most prominent of them as follows:

Bulk SMS Service & Text messaging options

Bevatel SMS service allows you to send bulk SMS or individual messages.

  • Bulk SMS:
    • It is to send an SMS message to a large number of your target customers’ mobile numbers.
  • Individual messages:
    • It is to send a text message to each individual particularly.

Smart SMS

The Bevatel SMS messaging service enables you to send bulk messages to your target customers’ mobile numbers while each message contains customized and different content directed at the customer.

You can also use Bevatel’s SMS services to invite your target customers to visit your online store or website by attaching the website or online store link with the text messages. Hence, this service can help you increase your online store or website visitors’ numbers and thus serve the purpose of increasing sales.

SMS Scheduling

The Bevatel SMS service allows you to schedule your establishment SMS campaigns according to the dates and days you want the messages to be sent. And the Bevatel system sends the required messages automatically at the predetermined dates.

Reseller Panel

Bevatel enables you to create your SMS platform on your website, and this platform allows you to implement SMS campaigns through Bevatel’s service provider. Bevatel can also directly implement the service for you.

High-quality and accurate services

Bevatel provides you with professional, high-quality, and accurate SMS services with qualified experts and the lowest SMS error rate.

User-Friendly control panel and premium options

Bevatel provides you with an SMS service through a professional, user-friendly control panel with many premium options, as the Bevatel system removes duplicate mobile numbers and wrong ones.

Professional Services & Lowest Costs

Bevatel provides all Bulk SMS Service categories with multiple professional features and options and at the lowest price per message in Saudi Arabia.