Call Center Outsourcing Company

Call Center Outsourcing Company

Get the best outsource call center service and contact your target customers anywhere through the best Call center outsourcing company and specialized call center and customer service experts.

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The Call center outsourcing company

Bevatel Call Center Services is the best Outsource call Center Company in Saudi Arabia due to its professional integrated services and solutions in call center and customer service fields for establishments and commercial activities.

The call center outsource service is one of the most prominent Bevatel services that hundreds of establishments and commercial activities have utilized. This service includes many advantages that help them develop the performance of technical support and the service they provide to customers.

What is the Bevatel outsource call Center service?

The call center outsources service is one of the advanced cloud call center solutions provided by Bevatel from A to Z for establishments and commercial activities. It includes setting an integrated professional call center equipped with the latest call center and customer service devices and customer service with qualified and trained customer service staff at the highest level of professionalism. We can mention the advantages of this service in some points as follows:

  • Integrated service and cost-saving.
  • Cloud call center system.
  • Professional staff and experts.
  • Integrated service and cost-saving

One of the most prominent advantages of the best Call Center Outsourcing Company in Saudi Arabia is that Bevatel provides you with an integrated outsource call center service. Bevatel provides you with a suitable headquarters for the call center equipped with the number of computers, offices, and the call center headphones appropriate to the size of the contact center and the number of customer service staff required.

Bevatel also provides this headquarters with an internet connection at an appropriate speed to receive the required number of calls and a cloud call center system that enables employees to respond to the number of concurrent calls expected.

Bevatel provides you with an integrated service to respond to your customers' inquiries and problems at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia. Instead of preparing an integrated professional contact center headquarters and hiring customer service staff and others, Bevatel provides all of that to you.

Instead of incurring all the costs of setting up an integrated call center, you will only pay a small monthly subscription to benefit from this service. And you will not have to purchase call center systems and devices or pay the salaries of customer service staff.

Cloud call center system

The Bevatel cloud call center is the latest professional system that works cloudly by connecting to the internet. This system enables customer service staff to receive the number of concurrent calls required with many advantages, the most prominent of which are as follows:-

  • Call waiting and call forwarding feature.
  • Record calls and extracts recordings for the last 30 days.
  • IVR and Voicemail feature.

Live Panel and performance reports

The Bevatel live panel enables you to track the workflow of the contact center and the performance of customer service staff with many professional advantages. This panel allows you to listen to ongoing calls, direct a customer service employee, or correct information in private.

This panel also allows viewing waiting lists, caller details, and the status of each employee whether he is on break, with a call, or in a meeting. And it allows you to get an overview of the performance of the call center and customer service employees.

Performance Reports

System reports are the most prominent advantages of the call center system for performance evaluation, and these reports are provided by the best Call center outsourcing company in Saudi Arabia. These reports provide you with integrated details about the performance of each customer service employee as follows:

  • The number of missed calls and the number of calls received per employee.
  • The number and duration of breaks each employee took.
  • The number of working hours for each employee.
  • Expert and specialized staff.

Bevatel provides an outsource call center service with multiple professional benefits for receiving calls, evaluating calls at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia and with specialized customer service staff trained on international standards for call center and customer service.

In addition, Bevatel hires customer service agents suitable for your business or organization who are proficient in the languages and accents required and appropriate for your business, with the qualifications and experience required.

We also train customer service staff on your organization's products or services so that they can respond to all customer inquiries and problems. We also train them on the Bevatel cloud call center system and its modules and features that help them provide the best customer service.