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Short Message Service

Communicate with your customers through Short Message Service with professional features and multiple options for Bulk SMS at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

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What is the Short Message Service?

It is a service that Bevatel provides as one of the business solutions for businesses and establishments that want to communicate with a large number of target audience and customers in a fast, efficient, and professional way at the lowest costs

This service includes sending short text messages to the lists of the numbers of your target customers or the target audience of your establishment in the language the organization wants and at the appropriate time for the customers

By using this service, you can communicate with thousands of your target customers with just one click to send one message to a list of thousands of customers, or you can send short messages to each customer in particular

The Bulk SMS service is the most popular and widely used by many establishments and businesses in Saudi Arabia because it saves time, costs, and effort

Bulk SMS service

Bevatel provides Bulk SMS service to businesses and establishments that want to execute instant SMS campaigns in one click and the campaign in one or two minutes at maximum

Therefore, this service saves time and effort because you will only need to upload a list of the contacts you want to send messages to and then implement the campaign through the SMS gateway from Bevatel, which allows you to schedule and send messages at the time you want

Bulk SMS also enables you to send an SMS to thousands of contacts. And each individual has a personalized message using API Integration with other systems of your establishment or business

How to operate the SMS service

You can order the service from Bevatel, and then Bevatel will operate the service for you through the Bevatel Short message service in the control panel of the Bevatel Call Center cloud system or the customer service management system

After you subscribe to this service, Bevatel provides you with an account and many features of the SMS service. This account includes a username and password to allow you to access the Bevatel SMS platform and take advantage of the options and advantages that Bevatel provides. And then, you can implement the messaging campaigns you want and follow them periodically through the Bevatel platform

You can also benefit from the service in another way by using your program, system, or website and linking it to the SMS service through the Bevatel Short message service Gateway

Bevatel SMS service features

Bevatel provides SMS service for establishments and commercial activities with many professional features. We can mention the most prominent of them in some points as follows:-

  • SMS text messages Scheduling
  • Sending by the establishment name
  • API Connection
  • Detailed stats and reports

SMS scheduling

TSMS text messaging service provides you with multiple options for scheduling the messaging campaigns you want to carry out

And after you schedule the messages, our gateway sends these messages to the lists of contacts and users you have uploaded to the platform at the time you define

You can take advantage of this feature as follows:

  • Implementation of SMS marketing campaigns at different hours.
  • Send SMS during off-duty hours

Sending by your company name

This service from Bevatel enables you to send text messages to your target customers or the contacts you want with the name or the subject you choose every time. And this service helps you increase brand awareness for your target customer segments

Here, instead of implementing SMS campaigns using the mobile number or unified number of your organization or business, you can send the messages you want on behalf of your establishment

API Integration

Bevatel enables you to connect your website, your organization's mobile application, your business, e-mail, or any other system of yours with the SMS service

This API integration provides you with many advantages in communicating with your target customers, including sending SMS messages automatically to visitors of your website or the mobile application of your establishment

Also, through this integration, the Bevatel service provider platform automatically sends text messages to customers who have purchased a product or booked a service from any branch of your establishment or your online store

Waiting time reducing

The IVR system enables you to divert the calls of your target customers to IVR options that provide them with answers to their inquiries and problems

Respond to clients during holidays and off-duty hours

IVR recording enables you to respond to all callers' inquiries and problems at any time, even at off official working hours and on holidays, by operating the IVR system that includes voice recordings showing the official working hours and what the company provides of services and offers

Increase brand awareness

One of the most popular advantages of IVR recording for companies is that operating the IVR system through your call center helps increase awareness of the brand and its services, products, and offers. Once the caller goes to the IVR system, he will listen to voice recordings of many options that express the company identity, its role, solutions, and services