SMS System

SMS System

Communicate faster with your target customers anywhere using the Bevatel SMS system with multiple professional features and the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

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What is the SMS system from Bevatel?

  • Bevatel SMS is the latest professional system that enables you to communicate with your target customers wherever they are by sending thousands of SMS to them and implementing successful SMS campaigns with professional features and options for various usages and purposes.
  • Bevatel provides SMS text messaging service to establishments and commercial activities as one of the advanced call center solutions that thousands of companies utilize to communicate with customers at the lowest costs.
  • And through the text messaging system from Bevatel, you can send an SMS to thousands of your target customers with one click, at the dates that suit your customers and in the language you want to communicate with them.
  • Although the Bulk SMS service is the most prominent among the messaging services and is the most used, individual messages are among the services that many institutions and commercial activities utilize.

Bulk SMS service

  • You can take advantage of Bulk SMS service through the Bevatel SMS system that enables you to send a text message to thousands of contacts of your target customers, establishments, or business.
  • This service helps you implement several marketing campaigns with one click, so this service saves you much time to communicate with thousands of customers.
  • This system allows you to upload a list of the mobile numbers of your target customers. And then, you can conduct the SMS campaigns you want within minutes or automatically using the scheduling feature provided by the system.
  • In addition to bulk messages, you can communicate with your target customers by sending individual messages to each customer. And you can send individual messages to target customers who communicate with you or doing something on your site or mobile application.

SMS Service Activation

Once you have ordered SMS service from Bevatel, you can choose one of the following two methods:

  • You can run the service through your website platform, your software, or your system by integrating the service with your systems.
  • You can operate the service through the Bevatel SMS platform. It is the SMS gateway located in the control panel of the customer relationship management system or the Bevatel Cloud Call Center system.

Integration with different systems

You can integrate the text messaging SMS system from Bevatel with the cloud call center system, customer service management system, or other systems that enable you to implement the SMS campaigns you want.

In addition to these systems, you can link the SMS service with your mobile application or your website instead of linking this service to the Bevatel SMS platform.

You can take advantage of this feature through the API integration technique which enables you to send SMS messages to customers who have visited your website, booked, or purchased one or more of the services of your establishment or business.

Why Bevatel Call Center Solutions & Services?

Many establishments and commercial activities depend on the services and solutions of the Bevatel advanced call centers Bevatel for many reasons and advantages that Bevatel provides in the call center services and customer service.

  • Bevatel is a leading Saudi company in call center solutions and services, licensed and approved by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission.
  • The services that Bevatel provides for establishments and commercial activities are integrated professional cloud services and solutions for the development of contact centers.
  • Bevatel offers various packages of its services and solutions to suit different categories of commercial activities and institutions of all sizes.
  • Bevatel offers the SMS system at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia and many professional advantages to communicating with target customers.
  • Bevatel provides its customers with integrated, professional technical support services 24h\day for free throughout their subscription to Bevatel services and solutions.
  • Bevatel provides free after-sales services to customers by training and qualifying your staff to master Bevatel systems, solutions, and services.
  • Bevatel has qualified and trained experts and specialists at the highest level of professionalism in call center and customer service.