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WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business API by Bevatel is the latest professional integrated system that enables you to connect with your target customers with multiple features and options through many of your employees to respond to customers live and by ChatBots and track sales and technical support processes.

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What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API by Bevatel is the latest system that allows you to operate your establishment's WhatsApp account through multiple devices simultaneously. So, all your staff can log in to the same WhatsApp account at the same time to respond to all your customers' inquiries about your products and services.

WhatsApp API system by Bevatel includes multiple features and options that help you execute many sales and marketing processes professionally. Also, that enables you to develop customer service and technical support performance with multiple options to communicate with customers, like ChatBots.

Bevatel provides you with a professional WhatsApp account for your business or establishment, and this account consists of:

Account Name

Business Address

Cover Photo

Website Link

Establishment Brief

Working Hours

What is Whatsapp Business API?

Now ... get a WhatsApp Business API with your unified number 9200! One account for multiple employees!

Exclusively and for the first time in Saudi Arabia! Get a professional WhatsApp Business API for your business with your unified number 9200. Or, you can get the service from Bevatel with your mobile numbers or landlines.

WhatsApp Business Integration

One of the most important features of WhatsApp API from Bevatel is that it allows you to integrate with many systems such as CRM, ERP, and payment systems with API integration.

The API integration between WhatsApp and the CRM system or payment system, for example, helps you responding quickly and confirming customer reservations or requests for a specific product or service.

You can benefit from Bevatel through the business messaging service that allows you to receive and send all your business messages to your customers via WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, or others.

Does Bevatel verify WhatsApp Business accounts?

Bevatel provides you with a professional integrated WhatsApp for business account with multiple features and options for ChatBots and live connecting with the customers.

One of WhatsApp service advantages by Bevatel is that we can verify your business WhatsApp for Facebook and add the green button here to your account.

Your establishment's WhatsApp account verification gives a professional impression of your establishment, products, and services for your target customers.

Why do so many companies depend on Business Whatsapp by Bevatel?

Besides WhatsApp Business various uses for companies, there are many advantages and reasons that make companies rely on it. Like as:

WhatsApp Business from Bevatel allows you to:-
  • Allow all the staff or specific employees to access WhatsApp for Business.
  • Set goals and evaluate the staff performance.
  • Create, manage and schedule staff tasks.
  • Assign a responsible employee for each potential client.
  • Chat with colleagues via their profile.

  • Integration with social media channels, SMS, systems, and email.
  • Communication with customers via a unified platform instead of switching between apps.
  • Regular communication with customers via Chatbot.
  • Automatically send email messages.
  • Contact clients with customized messages or generic templates as needed.

  • Automatically send new chats to the line of sales.
  • Label potential customers with tags.
  • Organize each customer profile separately.
  • Recognize Potential customers.

  • Follow up on current clients regularly.
  • Gain customer satisfaction and loyalty, and improve sales with WhatsApp chats.
  • Recognize customer satisfaction and evaluation of your products and services.
  • Provide technical support to customers through live chat or via ChatBot.

  • Create and view employee tasks.
  • View employee conversations with clients.
  • View the client's profile.
  • Staff performance Monitoring using reporting tools.
  • Grant permissions to each employee privately or publicly.
Whatsapp Business API

Why do many establishments recommend WhatsApp Business API by Bevatel?

Many establishments and businesses recommend the WhatsApp API system by Bevatel for the many reasons and advantages provided by this system. We mention some of them in points:

Business Whatsapp

You can create a WhatsApp Business API account using your unified number 9200!

The WhatsApp Business API enables you to conduct an endless number of quick and secure conversations with customers, especially since customers prefer WhatsApp in communications.

Also, it saves a lot of costs for communicating with customers through ChatBots templates and quick responses. This system helps you reduce the employees’ number.

It allows all your employees to access the same account at the same time and through different devices. And this is a feature that Business WhatsApp API does not provide.

The WhatsApp API gives you an endless number of ChatBots.

ChatBot in WhatsApp Business API

Now you can get a professional ChatBot for WhatsApp with Bevatel.

The auto conversation is one of the latest communication methods to respond to the customers' inquiries, confirm their reservations or orders and receive their complaints and requests for technical support.

This service allows you to create an unlimited number of ChatBot templates for customer service, sales, technical support, and more.

Whatsapp Business Service

Thus, you can create automatic conversation templates to respond to customer inquiries and create auto conversation templates to start new conversations with potential or current customers regarding your products or services.

You can also benefit from the auto conversations feature to send quick auto messages to customers to remind them of service renewal dates or notify them of new discounts, offers, and other usages.

Bevatel ChatBot advantages

Bevatel ChatBot via Business WhatsApp API enables you to access all conversations via the unified Bevatel platform to respond to WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, and other messengers, The auto-response to customers and users is one of the WhatsApp Business API essential features by Bevatel because it provides you with many advantages for communicating with customers.

Automatically catch leads and fill in their profiles.

Respond to conversations of all your business communication channels.

Customize the working hours of ChatBot.

Easily assign more than 15 actions (such as adding tags, sending invoices).

Send internal messages to ask for help from the staff.

Artificial intelligence usage for defined actions according to the potential customers’ intentions.

The system is user-friendly and easy to understand for non-professionals.

Contact us button adding on the web to encourage visitors to chat.

Messages Templates

Bevatel allows you to create various message templates (text messages, pictures, videos) so that you can choose the suitable one for you according to your business needs.

You can use message templates for many purposes that serve your business, such as closing sales deals and providing technical support to customers.

You can send bulk message templates to your customers, and these templates may include payment dates and account updates. But no promotional content or regular newscasts for your services or products are allowed.

To send a message to one of your contacts or start a new conversation, you must create message templates, and you can't send these templates before Facebook “WhatsApp” approves them.

 whatsapp business message templates

Recognizing Suitable Template

You must be careful when choosing the appropriate template for the content of the required messages. Recognizing the suitable templates will make it easier to approve the message.

You can select the appropriate template for the message from among these templates:

Accounts and appointment' updates.

Auto Response.

Financial Updates.

Business Whatsapp Service

Support tickets' updates.

Shipping or Payment' updates.

Reservations updates.

Language & Format

Template messages must be written in a correct format, free from linguistic and spelling errors because these errors mean that the template is false or unreliable.

As for the language, you must specify the language used and write the content of the template messages in the predefined language, and it is not allowed to combine more than one language in the same template.

If you want to add a website link to template messages, this link must be related to your business or establishment.

Link shortening tools such as or tinyurl are not recommended, as these processes negatively affect the link required.

In general, when you create template messages through WhatsApp for Business, you must adhere to the standards and policies of WhatsApp. So, the quality of the template is not negatively affected, and then the contacts won't block you.

WhatsApp Business API by Bevatel Usages

WhatsApp Business gets its importance with the multiple features and options that it has such as:

whatsapp business usages

WhatsApp Business for Sales

WhatsApp API for customer service & technical support

WhatsApp for Business Management

Business WhatsApp for Managers

Whatsapp Business for Sales

You can use Business WhatsApp to manage all sales processes to convert leads into customers.You can organize potential and existing customers into an organized dashboard, and it also allows you to categorize customers with distinctive tags. Business WhatsApp API for Sales enables you to:

Capture and manage potential customers from WhatsApp and other communication channels.

Automate sales processes with Sales Bot.

Send leads into the sales process in real-time.

Track all the sales processes regularly.

Encourage your website visitors to chat easily with one click of the WhatsApp button.

whats app business

WhatsApp for Business Management

Get rid of the problems of multiple devices and contacts and get a unified professional WhatsApp account for all your staff. Bevatel Business WhatsApp API system notifies each employee of the potential clients involved and allows you to chat with your colleagues directly inside the client card. There are many advantages that WhatsApp provides for business, and we can mention the most prominent of them in points, as follows:

whats app API

Integrate your business chat accounts via WhatsApp, Instagram, and more to a unified channel with your staff.

Assign an employee to be in charge of each conversation so you won't lose any potential clients.

Transfer a specific responsibility or direct tasks to the employee with just one click.

Chat in private with employees about the potential and current clients and their profiles.

Control which employees are allowed to access your Business WhatsApp account.

Create a personal calendar, manage tasks and reminders.