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About us

Bevatel is the leading company to provide integrated cloud solutions and high-quality services with professional experts and specialists and at the best prices in Saudi Arabia.

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Our History

Advanced Unified Telecommunication Establishment ( Bevatel ) was established in 2006 with commercial registered number 1010456255 and license for contact center with number ( 42-13-192 ) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. And it has succeeded in helping many Saudi companies to develop their contact centers.

For more than 15 years, Bevatel has succeeded in occupying a pioneer rank in advanced communications by its professional solutions for contact centers, customer service, call centers systems, and management. All these services have enabled Bevatel to be the leading company in contact center services not only in Saudi Arabia but in the Middle East generally.

Now, Bevatel has many activities and services, and we have branches in Bahrain, Egypt, and India, in addition to headquarters in Jeddah.

Advanced Unified Telecommunication Establishment ( Bevatel ) Our Values:

Bevatel provides integrated solutions to create professional high-quality contact centers. (By Bevatel professional services and systems to manage your call center and customer service, then providing smart solutions for companies from A to Z to develop their contact centers).

Bevatel provides premium high-quality services for customers’ permanent trust. (Bevatel believes that providing professional services is very important to get a companies’ permanent trust, besides helping the companies to make high-quality calls, then it’s easy to connect with their customers).

Bevatel always develops its solutions regularly to provide professional services. (Bevatel believes that service and solutions regularly developing is its duty, as it is the leading specialized company in this field, besides the importance of that to improve the company’s customer service and technical support).

Beivatel is committed to protecting customers’ privacy with fully secured databases and servers. (Bevatel seeks to provide the highest protection for companies’ accounts and data. Besides that, Bevatel can’t enter any of its customers’ pages without an official request from them).

Bevatel believes in team working to improve quality and provide professional services. (Bevatel has integrated teamwork with professional experts, technicians, and specialists in programming, customer service, and call center to provide smart services for its customers).
Bevatel International Modern Corporation for Communications
Mission and Vision Bevatel

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide integrated consultations, solutions, and services to create smart advanced contact centers and to develop call centers and customer service for companies.

Our Vision

Our vision goes to be the leading company in cloud call center services, contact centers, and customer service solutions.

Why Bevatel Services & Solutions?

Bevatel is the first in the Arab world to provide smart services and solutions with a lot of advantages that made Bevatel the leading in Customer service and call center solutions.

Our Duty

Bevatel’s duty is not limited to just providing professional solutions and services to contact centers. But it extends to regular development for contact centers and customer service with the latest smart VOIP products and providing specialized technical consults to create advanced call centers. Also, Bevatel always seeks to help the companies with integrated solutions with the highest quality and lowest costs, not only in Saudi Arabia but in the whole Arab world.

What We Do

Bevatel is a specialized and leading company for contact centers’ integrated professional services with its systems and techniques that help companies to develop their customer service, obtain high-quality calls, and make the connection faster and easier. Besides, staff monitoring, and then customer service and sales performance evaluating and improving via Cloud Call Center system, CRM, outsource call center services and other call center services.

Bevatel is everywhere

Bevatel seeks to exist around you everywhere with a permanent connection through its branches in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, and India, its social media channels, its customer service, and technical support 24h/7days. All of these above to enable you to contact us from anywhere and anytime around the world. All of that to improve your contact center with smart services and professional experts.

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