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This system is also known as the auto-dialer system, and it is the latest system from Bevatel that auto-dial the users and target customers, and then diverts the calls to the customer service agents as incoming calls.

This system can also be defined as a system that automatically contacts the target customers’ lists, and then displays voice messages that include the company’s offers or services, or these messages include a survey that clients fill out through the IVR technique.

In general, this system auto dials the target customers’ lists and then automatically diverting calls to the available call center agents to receive calls.

Therefore, the auto dialer is utilized into many uses and purposes that companies need according to their objectives and plans.

What are auto dialer app usages?

There are many auto dialer system usages, and these usages differ according to the establishments’ objectives and needs. We can mention the most important auto dialer software usages in points, as follows:

  • Surveys conducting
  • Telesales
  • Telemarketing
  • Services Evaluation
  • Products Evaluation
  • Technical Support

Surveys conducting

Many successful companies and establishments depend on surveys to develop their marketing plans and strategies and for other purposes achieved with surveys.

The companies and establishments can get their target customers’ feedback about the company products and services, recognizing customers’ attitudes and interests to provide them with a better service.

Many companies and establishments depend on auto dialer systems to conduct surveys with their customers and users.

You can utilize auto dialer app in surveys conducting through:

  • Auto- dialing target customers’ lists and displaying the survey with IVR feature that includes the items and questions.
  • Auto- dialing target customers’ lists, engaging with them and then conducting surveys.

Generally, Surveys conducted by the auto dialer system helps companies conduct marketing research and evaluate their products and services.

This system helps companies save many costs, efforts and time to conduct these surveys traditionally.


Telemarketing is one of the most important marketing techniques that many companies depend on to execute many marketing campaigns by contacting target customers, and then displaying previously recorded voice messages that include the company offers and services. So, this system helps companies reach many target customers quickly and at the lowest costs.


After digital marketing campaign execution, the marketing department gets much data about potential customers. The company needs to contact many potential customers to close the deal, persuade them with products and customers that the company provides, and turns these potential customers into real ones.

The sales team can use the auto dialer app to auto-dial customers quickly, and then distribute the calls for the available agents. The sales department uploads sheets of the potential customers’ contact data, and then the system auto-dials these customers and forwards the calls to the sales team as incoming ones.

Services and Products Evaluation

You can utilize this auto dialer system to evaluate your business’ products and services by auto-dialing the customers’ lists and the call center agents will engage with them to recognize their feedback about the company and about what it provides in general.

This helps you recognize your products and services’ strengths and weakness points to evaluate and develop your business performance in general. Sometimes some large companies use this system professionally to recognize the customers’ and users’ feedback by auto-dialing them after the call to get their feedback about the company, customer service, and technical support.

Technical Support for Customers

Many companies depend on auto dialer apps to provide their customers with the technical support needed. Especially in the companies that provide technical services, products, and devices that need technical support regularly.

This system also helps companies that provide their customers with after-sales services, by uploading a sheet with the customers’ numbers, and then the system auto-dials these numbers to provide these customers with technical support and assure the service quality.

Auto Dialer System Advantages

Auto dialer software provides companies with many features for many purposes and we can mention the most popular of these advantages briefly and discuss them in detail later.

  • Flexibility
  • Integration with CRM System
  • Calls Scheduling
  • Time saving
  • Cost saving
  • Calls Distribution