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Boost sales, stay connected with customers, and provide better service and accelerating technical support with the multiple-feature and the most popular ChatBot service in the Middle East!

Chat bot


55% of Businesses that utilize ChatBot get more potential qualified customers.


55% of Businesses that utilize ChatBot get more potential qualified customers.

The chatBot is an essential tool for businesses to catch potential customers; ChatBot can collect the customers' and website users' info 24 hours/day & 7 days/week

More effective and smart Auto Conversations in real-time and with artificial intelligence

The chatbot is a service developed by Bevatel to help organizations and commercial activities communicate with customers 24 hours a day with multiple scenarios and message templates carefully designed for expected conversations with potential, existing, and new customers. This service helps you receive requests, respond to inquiries, conduct sales, and reservations and provide them with the best service and technical support.

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates and processes human conversations, whether written or spoken. And this allows humans to interact with digital devices as if they were interacting with a human. The chatbot is driven by artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), automated grammar, and machine learning (ML), which enables automated chatbots to process data to provide interactive responses to customer requests and inquiries.

More effective and smart Auto Conversations in real-time and with artificial intelligence


ChatBots Types

Predictive conversational Bots
You can consider these bots as virtual or digital assistants, as these bots are more complex, interactive, and personal than introductory chatbots. These bots use natural language processing such as ML, NLP, and NLU to communicate with customers.
The main feature of these bots is their reliance on artificial intelligence and predictive analytics of users' choices and requests, according to users' profiles and previous behaviors, determining their preferences, and expecting their needs. For Example:-

Chatbots identify users' preferences, make recommendations and anticipate needs, such as predictive, data-driven, customer-oriented chatbots from Apple, Amazon, and Alexa.
Informative ChatBots
They are single-purpose programs that are the most widely used type in various fields of business. They aim to perform one function based on rules, natural language processing, and machine learning. These programs generate automated responses in the form of conversations that answer user inquiries.
These bots are specific, structured, and ideal for customer service and technical support functions because they have specified and structured interactions.
For example:-

Powerful and interactive responses to frequently asked questions

Inquiries about duty-hours

Inquire about the latest offers and prices

Inquiries regarding branch addresses

Simple transactions that do not include various variables

Multiple Features in Bevatel ChatBot help you improve your Communication with customers and boost sales!
Unlimited ChatBot 24h/day
Cost Saving
Sales Automation
Automated Customer Service & Technical Support
عدد لا نهائي من المستخدمين
Integration with systems and platforms

Communicate with your customers more effectively in one hour!


Communicate with your customers more effectively in one hour!

Bevatel Chatbot enables you to communicate with potential, existing, and new customers through unlimited possible conversation scenarios that respond to customer inquiries and requests.

The feature of automatic messages is to keep you in constant contact with customers in real time, 24 hours a day. Therefore from now, you will not miss any of the customer conversations after today.

Communicate with more Customers at less cost!

One of the most prominent advantages of the ChatBot service is that it saves the costs needed to communicate with customers for various purposes of sales, technical support, and customer service. This service helps reduce employees’ numbers responsible for responding to customer inquiries, confirming their orders, and making deals.

Instead of hiring numerous employees to communicate with customers regularly, you can reduce the number of employees and depend on a Chatbot service that provides automatic but like human conversations.

Communicate with more Customers at less cost!


Utilize Bevatel ChatBot for better communication and low cost!

Using Bevatel Chatbot can reduce customer service costs by 30%

Activate ChatBot for regular increasing sales!

Bevatel Chatbot helps you conduct more sales regularly through your website, social media channels and your organization or business WhatsApp Business API.

Create customer profiles that include customer data for contact, needs, and requests
Categorizing customers with tags
View the customer's location, visited pages, browser, and IP address
Directing customers to purchase their required products
Make purchases, reservations, or requests
Conduct sales and issue invoices

Upgrade Customer and Technical Support


Upgrade Customer and Technical Support

Institutions and businesses depend on Chatbots to communicate with customers and respond to their inquiries. ChatBot helps the customer service department resolve customer problems quickly and professionally, reduce dependence on customer service staff and respond to customer problems and inquiries in real time with auto and personal conversations similar to human conversations.

45.9% of consumers expect to get instant responses to their inquiries with ChatBot

Multiple usages and operations in one service for better customer service, technical support, and double sales!

Automate Tasks and update passwords

Events tickets reservation

Services and products comparison

Resolve invoices issues

Sales and reservation management

Respond to customers' inquiries

Conduct Sales

Resolve Customers Issues

Multiple usages and operations in one service for better customer service, technical support, and double sales!


Integration with Systems


Integration with Systems

You can integrate Bevatel ChatBot with your business systems, like CRM, to customize customers’ interactions and provide better service and technical support!
More Clear:-
When the customer's problems and inquiries are complex and require direct assistance from a customer service agent, the chatbot transfers the auto conversation to customer service, sales, or technical support agent.
Integration with the customer service management system makes communication better and faster with customers without the customer having to rewrite the problem or his data, as chatbots can search for the required data to confirm customer requests or respond to their inquiries.

You can integrate Bevatel ChatBot with multiple features and business solutions

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