Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

About Bevatel

Bevatel is the leading company for cloud call center solutions, call center services and systems, customer service management, and unified number service for companies, with high-quality services and products and professional experts.

Cookie files

Bevatel uses cookies files, and then when you access our website, you have agreed to our privacy policy and to Bevatel policy to use cookies files.

Like many websites, Bevatel uses Cookies files to get back the user’s details.

Bevatel uses Cookies files to make it easy for many users from some different areas to access our website, and may some of Ads companies use these cookies files that Bevatel uses.

License and Copyright

Bevatel has all copyrights for all content categories published on its website. “all copyrights are to Bevatel”!

You can access our website easily. But when you use it, you should commit to our conditions and terms that we will clarify on this page.

Usage Terms

To subscribe to one or more of our services, you must agree to our Usage terms.

Bevatel solutions include a lot of products, systems, and techniques. To create a professional contact center for your company or improve your current contact center according to Bevatel Usage terms.

All new features that Bevatel adds to the current services are within the same usage terms listed on this page.

Bevatel has the right to edit or change usage terms at any time and then publish these updates on its website.

We advise our customers to visit our website regularly to read out the latest products and services of usage terms updates.

To be aware of your rights, you must read out and agree to all our usage terms before being a user of our services.

If you subscribe to one or more of our services, this means that you have agreed to our products and services usage terms and privacy policy.

Service Subscription Terms

To subscribe to Bevatel services, you must provide us with your full real name, current address, mobile number, and e-mail.

To activate a customer subscription: a print of the owner identity, commercial register, and the company license contract are needed.

Bevatel has the right and the validity to refuse any new subscription or cancel any of the current ones for any reason.

Bevatel has the right to use e-mail and mobile as main channels to contact its customers.

All customers are fully responsible for their subscription accounts and systems and their Bevatel website account passwords.

Bevatel isn’t responsible for any unexpected problem in the customers’ accounts resulted from account or system password forgetting.

Service Subscription Terms

Bevatel Customers are fully responsible to Saudi entities for all ingoing and outgoing calls via its unified number that we provide.

All customers commit not to misuse the calling service via the unified number that Bevatel provides according to the current law items in Saudi Arabia.

If a customer violates any of the usage terms, Bevatel will immediately cancel the user subscription.

The customers admit that Bevatel is not responsible for the unexpected problems by the contact provider.

General Conditions

Before being a customer to use Bevatel products, you must read and agree to all the usage and privacy terms related to our services and products.

Bevatel applies usage and privacy terms according to the current law terms in Saudi Arabia.

Bevatel Provides integrated technical support for all its customers via mobile calls, whats app, company website, or e-mail.

Customers admit that we have the right to edit privacy and usage policy and terms, and then we publish the updates on its website.

If a customer uses Bevatel services after usage terms editing, that means he has agreed to the new terms and privacy terms.

It’s forbidden for the customers to use Bevatel services for illegal purposes, so you can’t use our services in a violating way of the regulations and laws in Saudi Arabia.

All the customers admit and agree that Bevatel records all their incoming and outgoing calls.


We aren’t responsible for any direct or indirect problems resulted from Bevatel services misusing, like reputation loss, data, and profit.

Bevatel isn’t responsible for any problems that may occur to anyone because of Bevatel services misusing or current laws and terms in Saudi Arabia Violating by any customer.

Bevatel assures security for its services. But it is not responsible for the connection interruption from the connection provider.

Full Agreement

If Bevatel doesn’t execute any of its usage terms and conditions, this doesn’t mean that we renounce its rights. The customers’ usage of our services depends on Bevatel usage terms and its agreement with them.

Payment & Subscription

All the customers are committed to paying for the services subscription and products charges by one of the payment methods available.

Prices & Subscription

All the charges that customers pay are due to Bevatel with the required payment and the defined date.

The customers pay for all payments in Saudi Currency Riyal unless we define another one with them.


Bevatel products and services prices published on its website, mail leaflets, and social media pages don’t include the value-added tax of 15%.

The current value-added tax of 15% in Saudi Arabia is for all our services and products. And these taxes are revised and edited regularly by Saudi Zakat and Income Tax Department.

Prices Changing

Bevatel products and services are changeable and not fixed, and then we notify the customer with the new prices before 30 days of activation.

Bevatel has the right to change all its products or services prices, and then it notifies the customers of the new price updates before 30 days at a minimum.

We publish our new price updates on our website, social media pages, and e-mail leaflets.

We aren’t responsible for any unexpected problems that may occur to anyone because of services or product prices’ changing.

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