IVR system

Turn waiting time to deal with a professional service to answer customers’ inquiries, resolve their issues and conduct sales with prerecorded voice messages.

IVR system

IVR system

IVR system for more flexible management and routing of your customers' calls

Your business is based on requests, and this entails waiting for your customers for a certain period of time on the phone.

If your business has several departments and you need to more flexibly direct your client to the appropriate department or the necessary service.

you need to benefit your client on holidays or during non-working hours in order to easily respond to his request by serving him yourself, following pre-recorded instructions

Bevatel's professional and interactive IVR system supports your business around the clock


Bevatel's professional and interactive IVR system supports your business around the clock

It is an interactive voice service using recorded voice messages for the most common queries that subscribers ask, to include comprehensive and detailed answers to them, this helps the client in very simple steps by responding to all his requests or directing his call to the appropriate department, whether for a complaint or a request.
The IVR system service for your business is based on an automatic response, which allows you to place a large number of recorded responses in a certain sequence, which allows the client to access their answer with simple steps such as pressing numbers on a mobile keyboard, which automatically transfers him to the appropriate department or to the next interactive voice response, which helps him to learn more about the company's products or services.

The mechanism of the IVR system with bevatel

The IVR system works for companies through scenarios in the form of voice messages that include answers to caller inquiries, by clicking on the number, you get to the options menu, which answers the subscriber's questions about the company's services and products, and the subscriber chooses what he wants so that those recorded messages can be interactive and can only be recorded messages.
This service also enables callers to communicate directly with one of the company's departments, this is also useful if you are waiting for calls to view company announcements or to transfer a subscriber to a voicemail service, the smart IVR service can also connect to a CRM system to automatically help your customers, to find out details about their account, the services they participate in, the remaining in their packages, renewal dates and other details they may need.

The mechanism of the IVR system with bevatel

The mechanism of the IVR  system with bevatel

IVR system for cloud communication systems

 IVR system for cloud communication systems

IVR system for cloud communication systems

Manages calls more accurately and flexibly, allowing the caller to quickly access their request.

Redirect calls according to the needs of the client.

A safer and more flexible system because it is based on the cloud.

Increases the speed of communication and interaction of your business, improving the quality of service to your customers.

Applications for the IVR system with bevatel

The system makes calls.
This helps to automatically transfer calls.
Connected to the voicemail system.
It records calls.
It Prepares performance measurement reports.
Provides call queues.
A system that complements the CRM system.
The system shows the caller's number and records.
The system allows remote control.

features of an IVR system for your business

Continuous customer service

The IVR service allows you to constantly automatically respond to customer requests.

Communication on holidays and outside of working hours

The IVR service allows you to schedule calls and thus be able to respond to your customers who call on holidays and after hours.

Flexible call routing

This is a system that directs callers to the appropriate departments with their requests.

Tracks reactions

By conducting surveys about the opinion of customers about the company's products and services

Helps in promoting the company's services

By offering the company's offers and services while waiting

features of an IVR system  for your business
Helps to reduce waiting time

Through call forwarding to the answering machine options to respond to the caller's request

Saves effort and costs

By reducing the number of customer support staff, the introduction of an automated response system.

Gives a good idea of your business

Helps customers with automatic response instead of busy line

Contributes to improving the efficiency of the company

This is achieved by tracking the interests of customers and identifying their problems, and then providing products and services that meet the needs of your customers.

Brand awareness

By viewing more detailed information about the company's products and services

Why choose the IVR system from bevatel?

خدمات احترافية بأعلى جودة وأقل تكاليف ممكنة
We provide your business with professional services of the highest quality and at the lowest possible cost.
تقارير مفصلة عن الخدمة وخصائص الربط
We offer you detailed reports on the service and the characteristics of linking to CRM.
دعم فني مستمر
Bevatel provides continuous technical support to its customers around the clock, at any time of the week
نظام الرد الآلي عبر سيرفر مؤمنة جداً
We offer an IVR answering machine system via a very secure server designed only for your company

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

"IVR" is an abbreviation of the word "Interactive Voice Response", it is a system that interactively and automatically responds to subscribers' calls using a series of pre-recorded voice messages.
These voice messages include a number of options that provide information and data that can be useful to subscribers, it is also an interactive service, since its main idea is based on interaction with subscribers and anticipating their requests and questions regarding the products or services of a company or organization, and also a voice service since it includes a large number of voice messages that respond to subscribers' requests and problems with a number of options necessary for subscribers.

Bevatel's IVR system works through pre-recorded scenarios and voice messages with options that include answers and information about the company's services or products, thus, voice messages in the answering machine answer the questions and requests of subscribers, by clicking on the number of this number, the caller goes to the list of options, each of which contains information that answers the caller's questions.

The IVR service helps to track the interests of subscribers and their attitude to the company's services and trends, this helps to understand the problems of callers well and solve their problems, in addition to knowing the weaknesses and strengths of the company, and then increasing brand awareness and increasing productivity.
In general, the IVR service helps to understand the needs of customers and provide new services or products that meet their needs.

- This allows you to automate the customer support system so that the customer can help himself.
- Limits call forwarding errors, it is based on transferring calls to the appropriate departments or services without errors.
- This increases the efficiency of your company's work so that the phone will not hang up with customers and will immediately transfer them to the right person.
- Increases customer satisfaction with the service, which allows the customer to easily do what he wants.
- The system serves and supports your business around the clock every day, especially in the absence of agents or employees responding to customer requests.
- The system reduces the company's costs, which saves the number of customer support staff and thus reduces the burden on the company.

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