Outsourcing Call Center Services

Outsourcing Call Center Services

Get the Bevatel outsourcing call center services for your business or establishment, save many costs and stay connected with your customers with integrated and high-quality services.

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What are the Bevatel outsourcing call center services?

They are services provided by Bevatel to commercial activities and establishments that need a professional call center and employees to receive their customers' calls daily and answer their inquiries and others.

The call center outsource service, or as it is known as outsourced call centers, is an integrated service implemented by the entire call contact center company. The call center company provides all the requirements needed to receive customer calls, including call center employees.

We can mention what is included in the call center outsource service in some points as follows:

  • Call center and customer service systems.
  • Unified number 9200.
  • Qualified and trained cadres.
  • The call center devices needed.
  • A suitable headquarters equipped for the call center.

In general, Bevatel provides you with an integrated service as if you own an integrated professional call center in your company, without creating a call center or paying the costs of systems, equipment, and headquarters.

It is a cost-saving and integrated service at the same time, performed by trained experts and specialists in the call center and customer service fields.

Call center and customer service systems.

Bevatel provides you with call center services for others through professional call center and customer service systems, which we mention as follows:-

  • Bevatel Cloud Call Center System
  • CRM: Customer relationship Management System

Cloud call center system

It is the latest call center system that runs cloudly without complicated cables or installations. This system provided by Bevatel for the call center outsource service includes multiple features for making and receiving calls, such as: -

  • Calls recording feature (and extract recording reports for the last 30 days).
  • Calls' waiting and forwarding features.
  • Display the IVR feature and the voice mail service.

This system also provides many methods and tools to the managers to follow up the workflow and the employees' performance periodically, and with reports as well, through:

  • Live Panel.
  • System reports.

The manager or project owner can track the call center serving his establishment regularly anywhere and online, with these tools mentioned above.

Then the owner or manager of the establishment can follow the call center staff performance in real-time or by reports.

He can also listen to the ongoing calls and the calls made by each employee. And this helps him evaluate and develop the staff performance.

CRM system

Bevatel CRM system is the latest professional one that enables you to manage and develop your company departments’ performance, especially marketing, sales, technical support and customer service departments.

This system provides you with many tools and features that allow your company's departments to implement and follow up on all marketing and sales processes, capture potential customers and turn them to actual customers. In addition, this system helps you to understand your target customers, their problems, inquiries and attitudes, and then you can provide them with the best technical support, the best services and the appropriate products for them.

Unified Number 9200

The outsourcing call center service includes a unified 9200 unique number for your business or establishment through which call center employees receive customer calls.

This unified number gives the impression to your customers of a brand or a professional establishment, and also allows the call center staff to receive the largest number of concurrent calls expected to the needs and requirements of your establishment.

Qualified and trained staff

Bevatel provides outsource call center services with specialized customer service staff trained on the global call center and customer service standards and at the lowest costs.

Bevatel qualifies and trains these employees on call center and CRM systems, the products and services that your organization provides.

Call center devices

Bevatel provides all the call center devices and tools needed to operate a professional call center to make and receive business calls.

Among the most important devices that Bevatel provides to operate the outsourcing call center service are the following:

  • PBX Devices.
  • FXO Gateway.
  • GSM Gateway Devices.
  • Call center headphones.
  • Computers.

Call Center Headquarters

Bevatel provides integrated non-professional call center services through Bevatel's outsourcing call center headquarters. As Bevatel provides this service through its equipped and prepared headquarters to make and receive calls.

Bevatel provides call center outsource service in a contact center with a high-speed internet network, suitable for operating Bevatel cloud call center and CRM systems.