Auto dialer System

The auto dialer system is one of the latest contact center services indispensable for many establishments and commercial activities to make many concurrent calls automatically and quickly.

Auto dialer System

Auto dialer System

What is the auto dialer system?

Also known as auto dialer Software, Bevatel auto dialer Service is a professional service provided by Bevatel through a system that automatically dials the contact numbers you provide.

This service includes calling the contact numbers one by one automatically. And when the customer answers, the system automatically forwards the calls to the customer service or sales staff as an incoming call.

This service, despite its simplicity, is a multi-use call center service with advantages that benefit many commercial activities and various establishments.

Auto Dialer feature usages

The auto dialer system is one of the most popular features and tools that many establishments and businesses use. And we can briefly mention its most prominent usages in some points, as follows:-

Conduct questionnaires for various purposes.

Conduct sales processes.

Conduct marketing campaigns via mobile calls.

Conduct awareness and guidance campaigns (for non-profit establishments).

Evaluate calls, customer service, and technical support.

How does the auto-dialer system work?

The mechanism of the auto dialer software is based on the employees automatically uploading a file containing the data of customers or contacts that the employee wants to contact. Then the employee sets the dates for calling the customer lists so that the system automatically calls these lists.

The system auto-dial the customer lists one contact after the other. And we must refer to another feature of call forwarding received by customers to customer service, sales, or technical support staff.

If the customer or the contact does not answer the call, the system will automatically call the next one in the list. And so on. As for distributing calls to contact center employees, we point out that the system automatically transfers successful calls to the available call center staff.

System Requirements

For the auto dialer service to work, it needs some devices and tools that enable you to operate the service and benefit from it according to your needs and business requirements. And we can mention the most prominent of these requirements as follows:-

A computer to run the auto dialer software.

Voice modem.

An active phone line.

Call Center System.

Bevatel Auto Dialer Service Advantages

Many advantages make the auto dialer service one of the most popular services of advanced call centers. We mention the most prominent of them in the following points:-

Remind and confirm appointments.

Distribute calls professionally.

Call scheduling.


Remind and confirm appointments

You can use the auto dialer system to confirm certain appointments for customers or remind them of the renewal dates of packages and subscriptions and other details that you can benefit from by recording a voice message and uploading it to the system. Then the system will auto-dial the contacts and display the required voice message.

Distribute calls professionally

Using the Bevatel auto dialer software, you can make your required business calls automatically and distribute these calls to the call center employees professionally (provided that each employee has a contacts list).

Call scheduling

The auto dialer service from Bevatel enables you to schedule the calls you want to make automatically, on official working hours, off-duty hours, and holidays.

This feature is valuable for the companies to auto-dial the customer lists and to play defined voice messages. These messages may include promotional offers, reminders of specific appointments, or the implementation of certain marketing campaigns.


One of the most popular advantages of the auto dialer system from Bevatel is that it saves much time for customer service and sales staff, as the auto dialer software auto-calls the lists of customers, one contact after the other.

And instead of the employee calling each customer, he uploads a list or file with the numbers of customers he wants to contact, and then the system calls them all automatically.
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