Call Center Company

Bevatel is the first Saudi Call Center Company in Saudi Arabia to provide integrated professional customer service and call center services and solutions for establishments and businesses in Saudi Arabia.

Call Center Company

Call Center Company

Bevatel Customer service and Call Center Company

Bevatel is the leading Saudi Call Center company certified and licensed by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission. Bevatel is a company specialized in providing advanced cloud solutions and services to establishments and businesses' call centers.

Bevatel is the first Saudi company to provide Call Center solutions and services to more than 100 companies in Saudi Arabia for more than 15 years.

Bevatel always strives to develop contact centers and customer service for establishments and businesses with advanced cloud solutions and high-quality services at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia through experts, technicians, and professional specialists in call center and customer service fields.

Bevatel provides establishment and commercial activities with many advanced cloud call center solutions, which we can mention in points as follows: -

Call Center Solutions

Cloud Call Center.

CRM System.

Unified Number 9200.

Business Messaging Platform.

Outsource Call center.

While Bevatel also provides many call center services that are indispensable to any business or establishment, whatever their field, we briefly mention them as follows: -



Call Evaluation.


VOIP Products.

API Integration.

Auto Dialer

The Bevatel auto dialer system is the latest system that enables you to make many calls automatically, number after another, by uploading a list of the numbers of the customers you want to call. Then, the system calls this list automatically and diverts the calls to the customer service staff as incoming calls.

IVR Service

IVR is a shortened word for Interactive Voice Response.
The Bevatel Auto dialer service is one of the most popular Bevatel Call Center company services. And this service enables you to respond to your customers' inquiries through many previously recorded voice messages.
This service provides your customers with multiple options to choose the extensions that respond to their inquiries about your products and services.

Call Evaluation

Bevatel provides multiple methods to evaluate your contact center calls to recognize the weaknesses and strengths in your customer service staff performance. You can benefit from the agents' evaluation methods after the calling, either with a voice form filled out by the customer or for an employee to contact customers to recognize their feedback about the staff performance.


Bevatel Softphone application is the first one that enables you to make and receive all your business calls using your unified number 9200 online, remotely, and from anywhere cloudy using your mobile phone or computer.

VOIP Products

Bevatel provides high-quality, professional Call Center devices and headphones at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia. The companies and establishments get a professional call center that enables them to make and receive high-quality calls.

API Integration

It is the latest technology from Bevatel that enables you to create a professional programming interface for your business applications. The Bevatel API Integration allows you to link your systems and applications together, thus helping you obtain information faster and easier, complete your business operations quickly, and provide better customer service.

Why Bevatel for Call Center Services?

Many establishments depend on Bevatel for contact center services and solutions, as Bevatel is the best Call Center Company in Saudi Arabia that provides integrated professional solutions with multiple advantages. We can mention them in points as follows:

Bevatel provides cloud call center and customer services solutions at the lowest prices in Saudi Arabia.

Bevatel is the Saudi Call Center company certified and licensed by the Saudi Commission for Communications and Information Technology.

For more than 15 years, Bevatel has provided its services and cloud call center solutions to more than 100 establishments and businesses in Saudi Arabia.

Bevatel provides integrated after-sales services and regular technical support to its customers 24 hours/day.

Bevatel provides training sessions for its customers to be able to use Bevatel systems and solutions professionally.

Bevatel provides all services by experts, technicians, and professional specialists in the call center and customer service field.

Bevatel enables you to connect all branches of your establishment or business, and follow-up contact center calls online and cloudly.

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