Call Center Outsourcing

Get the Bevatel Call center outsourcing service to stay connected with your customers through the latest cloud contact center equipped to answer your business or establishment calls with professional and multiple features.

Call Center Outsourcing

Call Center Outsourcing

What is the call center outsourcing service?

It is an integrated professional service provided by Bevatel for establishments and commercial activities that want to obtain a high-quality and integrated call center at the lowest costs to answer customer calls.

Bevatel provides outsourced call center service with multiple professional features. Bevatel provides you with an integrated service as if you own an integrated contact center with its employees.

This service includes all the requirements needed to provide an integrated professional call center for establishments and commercial activities, including systems, devices, tools, and others.

The call center outsourced service provided by Bevatel includes many features, we can mention the most prominent of them in points and briefly as follows:-

Cloud call center system and customer service management system.

A headquarters equipped for the call center and suitable for the size of the project.

Call center devices and headphones suitable for the size of the project.

Suitable computers and desks.

Customer service team (customer service staff and supervisor).

Why do many institutions and commercial activities rely on the Bevatel call center outsourcing service?

Many reasons and advantages make many companies and establishments rely on the Bevatel outsource call center service. We mention the most prominent of them in the following points:-


Professional customer service team.

Track the workflow.

Cost saving

Many establishments and commercial activities rely on the outsourcing call center service for the main reason, which is cost savings.

This service saves all the costs of establishing an integrated call center for you, including call center devices and headphones, computers, and offices, in addition to the costs of obtaining a suitable location for the call center and the costs of preparing and configuring it. And finally, this service saves for you the salaries of customer service staff.

The call center outsourcing service saves many of the costs that the establishment would have to pay to obtain an integrated contact center.

Here, any establishment or business can benefit from the service only by paying the subscription fees for the service, which is a nominal fee in exchange for this integrated professional service.

The professional customer service team

Bevatel provides you with outsourcing call center service with specialized and qualified customer service staff trained on the international call center and customer service standards.

Bevatel also assigns call center employees fluent in the appropriate languages ​​and accents for your project and with the qualifications needed.

In addition to the above, one of the most popular advantages of the Bevatel call center outsourcing service is that Bevatel trains employees on call center and customer service systems.

We also train them on your services or products. So that they are aware of your work and can respond to all customer inquiries and resolve their problems professionally. After that, they can provide better service and technical support to customers at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

Track the workflow

The cloud call center system allows you to track the workflow of the customer service staff that we assign to answer the calls of your establishment or business through:-

Live Panel.

Performance reports.

Live Panel

One of the most popular features of the Bevatel cloud call center system is that it includes a live panel that enables you to view the workflow of the contact center used by customer service staff to answer your establishment calls.

Through this panel, you can know the details of the current calls and view the waiting lists, and you can listen to the calls without knowing the caller or the employee. Then you can direct staff or correct info, particularly without the caller knowing.

Performance reports

The Call center outsourcing service and the cloud call center system from Bevatel provide you with integrated professional reports on the call center and customer service staff performance.
These reports provide you with integrated details about each employee's performance, including the number and duration of calls received by each employee and the number of breaks and their periods.
Also, these reports enable you to view the customer service staff workflow and recognize strengths and weaknesses. And then you can evaluate, direct and improve their performance professionally.

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