Call center services Saudi Arabia

Develop your business or establishment customer service and technical support performance through the Bevatel call center services and communicate with your customers permanently and from anywhere through the latest professional cloud call center systems.

Call center services Saudi Arabia

Call center services Saudi Arabia

What are the Call center services Saudi Arabia from Bevatel?

Call Center services are the latest professional cloud services provided by Bevatel, and Hundreds of institutions and businesses rely on them to communicate with customers. And these services provide them with the best service and technical support through the cloud call center system and its professional features and multiple options for customer service, technical support, and sales.

The Bevatel call center services include the following:-

Cloud call center system.

Live Panel.

System reports.

What are the Bevatel cloud call center system and its most prominent features?

It is the latest professional call center system from Bevatel that enables you to make and receive the number of concurrent calls required to your establishment or business with many professional advantages of communicating with customers cloudly just by connecting to the internet.

We can mention the most prominent advantages of the Bevatel cloud call center system from Bevatel in the following points:-

Features of calling and receiving calls

Running cloudly

Calling and Receiving calls Features

The Bevatel cloud Call center services Saudi Arabia includes many features that you can utilize to communicate with customers. And we can mention them as follows:-

Record calls and extract recordings

Call waiting and call forwarding feature.

IVR and Voicemail feature.

Record calls and export recordings

This system records all the calls that your call center employees make or receive. And then, you can export the call recordings for the last 30 days.

This feature is one of the most prominent advantages of call center services because it helps you track the workflow and then evaluate and develop the call center employees’ performance.

Call waiting and call forwarding features.

If all of your employees are busy responding to customers, you can put callers on waiting lists. And then, this feature allows you to display certain music or voice messages that include offers, services, and products for your establishment or business.

You can also utilize the call forwarding feature to divert customer calls to the IVR, the voice mail service, a specific department, or an employee.

IVR and Voicemail feature

You can take advantage of the IVR service that Bevatel allows you to operate through the Bevatel Call Center cloud system by displaying several previously recorded voice messages that include answers to customer inquiries and questions.

And the IVR service enables you to provide permanent customer service to customers by displaying these voice messages that callers can listen to instead of communicating with customer service staff or technical support.

The voice mail service helps you easily communicate with customers, especially if all customer service employees are busy. This service allows callers to leave voice messages that include their complaints, inquiries, or questions regarding your establishments’ products or services.

Then, the employee receives their complaints and inquiries to communicate with them, provide them with the appropriate technical support and answer their questions.

Live Panel

It is one of the most prominent features of the Bevatel Call center services Saudi Arabia for institutions and commercial activities that enables you, as an employer or a manager of the call center to track the workflow periodically and evaluate and develop the employees’ performance.

The Bevatel Live Panel enables you to see the status of customer service employees, whether the employee is in a meeting, has a call, or is on a break.

This panel also allows you to view the list of ongoing calls and waiting lists. It also allows you to listen to calls without knowing the caller, and this feature also enables you to direct the employee or correct information for him.

System Reports

The Bevatel cloud Call center services Saudi Arabia allow you to get integrated professional reports on the workflow and performance of the entire call center staff.

These reports provide you with comprehensive details about the number of calls made and received by each employee, the number and duration of breaks each employee took, and other info that help you monitor workflow, evaluate and develop the customer service employees' performance.

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