Call center Solution

Get the best Call center solution from Bevatel, improve the performance of customer service and technical support departments in your establishment or business, and stay connected with your target customers with integrated professional call center and customer service solutions.

Call center Solution

Call center Solution

What is the best Call center solution in Saudi Arabia?

Bevatel provides the latest advanced cloud call center solutions needed to operate the customer service, sales, and technical support departments with integrated professional features and multiple options for businesses and establishments to communicate with the target customers.

We can mention the most prominent advanced cloud call center solutions provided by Bevatel in some points and briefly, as follows:-

Cloud call center system.

Customer Service Management System "CRM."

SMS service.

The unified number 9200 service.

Bevatel Social Service.

Outsource Call Center.

Cloud call center system

Bevatel Call Center System is a cloud call center solution by Bevatel. This system is the latest cloud call center system in Saudi Arabia that enables you to make and receive multiple concurrent calls required for your establishment or business.

This system is one of the best call center systems indispensable to thousands of establishments and commercial activities in Saudi Arabia.

Because of the many professional advantages, it provides to make and receive calls from targeted customers. And we can highlight these advantages in points as follows:-

Call recording feature and exporting recordings for the last 30 days.

Call waiting and call forwarding feature.

The ability to operate the IVR feature and the voice mail service

Working remotely (the system works cloudly).

Call center evaluation through the live panel and system reports.

Customer Service Management System "CRM"

Bevatel CRM is the latest system that enables you to manage all your target customers' dealings with your establishments or business with integrated professional options and tools for your customer service, marketing, sales, and technical support departments.

CRM system for sales development

The Bevatel CRM system provides you with multiple options and tools that enable you to manage, track and execute all sales processes, from catching leads, issuing financial offers, converting them into actual customers, and even issuing and sending financial invoices.

CRM system for marketing management

Customer Service Management System (CRM) is the latest call center solution needed to manage and execute all your business or establishment marketing campaigns online or via SMS.

And you can benefit from the Bevatel CRM system for the following uses:-

Managing and implementing SMS campaigns.

Manage and implementing social media campaigns.

Manage and executing email campaigns.

SMS service

You can use the SMS text message service to communicate with thousands of your target customers with just one click. You can also send individual messages to each customer by uploading a list of the contact numbers you want to contact.

This service includes many advantages like scheduling text messages at the appropriate dates for your customers and deleting wrong and duplicate numbers.

The unified number service 9200

The unified number 9200 for the facility is one of the most popular advanced call center solutions to communicate with target customers professionally by making and receiving multiple concurrent calls. The unified number 9200 also allows you to activate many features that help you provide better service and technical support. In addition, using a unified number9200 give your customers an impact that they are deal with a powerful professional brand that values ​​their customers.

Bevatel Social Service

Now, you can receive all your customers' conversations through your business pages on social media through the Bevatel Social platform unified for all communications (WhatsApp Business API, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram).

Through the Bevatel Social service, we connect all means of communication for your establishment or business with the Bevatel Social platform unified for all messengers.

This service provides you with many advantages that enable you to communicate professionally with customers and provide better service and technical support through Bevatel Social tools and options, such as chatbots, templates messages, and others.

Outsource Call Center

The outsourced call center service is one of the best call center solutions that Bevatel provides to organizations and commercial activities with integrated professional features and multiple options for receiving customer calls and answering their inquiries.

One of the most popular advantages of this service is that it provides commercial activities and institutions with integrated customer service at the lowest costs. Instead of any establishment paying for all the costs needed to equip an integrated call center, Bevatel provides this service at the lowest prices in Saudi Arabia.

The Bevatel outsource call center solution includes:-

Qualified and trained customer service staff.

Cloud call center system and customer service management system CRM.

A fully equipped headquarters suitable for a call center.

Call center devices and headphones are needed.

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