Call Center System for Hospitals

Bevatel system is the best cloud call center system for hospitals and medical centers that enables hospital administrations to receive calls and reservations with many advantages and professional options for communication.

Call Center System for Hospitals

Call Center System for Hospitals

What is the Call Center System for Hospitals from Bevatel?

Bevatel system is the latest call center system that enables the management of customer service, reception, and reservations to receive and make the largest possible number of simultaneous calls and communicate with individuals in a faster and more professional way and with many advantages.

This system is the best for the departments of medical centers and hospitals that seek to communicate with individuals more professionally and to organize the mechanisms for receiving cases and making patient reservations more easily for both customer service and reception staff and patients.

Bevatel System Features

Bevatel provides this system with professional features and many options that make it a suitable and ideal system for many hospitals, medical centers, and clinics. We can explain the most prominent advantages of the best call center system for hospitals in brief points as follows:-

Cloud system and cost-saving

Many advantages of communication

Live Panel screen

System Reports

Cost-saving cloud system

One of the most prominent advantages of this system is that it is a cloud-based professional system. It works with an Internet connection, without the need for any complex cables or installations and the necessity for regular call center devices.

This cloud system allows you to operate it from anywhere and without the need for you to be in the hospital's call center headquarters because it works only by connecting to the Internet. And then you can assign Call Center employees to work remotely to respond to callers' inquiries and make reservations for them.

In general, this feature helps you save a lot of costs for establishing a professional call center to make and receive calls to hospitals and medical centers.

Many advantages of communication

The latest Call Center system for hospitals, medical centers, and clinics provides you with many advantages and options to communicate with individuals and receive and make patient reservations. We can briefly explain some of these advantages in points as follows:-

Waiting feature

Call keeper feature

Call Transfer

Automated reply

voice mail

Waiting Feature

The waiting feature helps you if all the customer service and reception staff are busy, as you can put the caller on this feature until one of the employees is available to answer the caller.

While you wait, you can play specific music or voice messages that include hospital hours, details of reservations, and services provided by the hospital or medical center to patients.

Calls Keeper

One of the most prominent advantages of the cloud call center system from Bevatel is that it keeps missed calls and missed calls so that your customer service, reservations, or reception staff call the callers again.

Divert calls

Call Center system for hospitals enables you to divert callers' calls to defined departments such as reception and reservations or a specific employee or forward the call to a voice mail service or an automated response, according to the caller's request.


This system allows you to activate the IVR feature to respond to callers' inquiries and complaints and receive their reservations through some pre-recorded voice messages that the caller hears and chooses from which to respond to his inquiries. for example:-

Welcome to the hospital...

For Arabic, press (1)

For English, press (2)

For the surgery department, press (1)

For the children's section, press (2)

For reservations and reception, press (3)

For hospital accounts, press (4)

Voice mail

The Bevatel system allows you to activate the voice mail service to receive complaints and inquiries from callers. This feature allows callers to leave their inquiries, complaints, or requests in one or more voice messages heard by one of the customer service or reception and reservations staff to communicate with the caller again to answer his inquiries or make his reservations.

Live Panel

The Live Panel is one of the advantages of the Call Center system for hospitals, which enables you to follow the progress of the customer service departments, reservations, and reception, moment by moment, through several professional tools and options.

The Live Panel enables you to see the status of each customer service employee, is he on a call, in a meeting, busy, or on a break.

This screen also allows you to view queues and details of ongoing calls (call duration, caller number, and caller requests). Through the Live Panel, you can listen to any call without knowing the caller or the customer service employee.

And you can direct the customer service employee privately or correct information without the caller hearing.

System Reports

Bevatel system provides you with integrated professional reports on the performance of customer service staff, reception, and reservations. These reports provide you with comprehensive details about the number of calls made and received by each employee, the duration of each call, and the number of missed and missed calls. The reports of this system provide you with integrated details about all calls to the hospital call center, medical center, or clinic, such as:-

Date of the call

Duration of the call

The employee who answered the call

Status of the call (end it by the employee or the caller)

The ability to listen to and download the call recording

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