Contact centers company

Bevatel is the latest contact centers company that provides cloud-integrated services and solutions for establishments and businesses' call centers and customer service in Saudi Arabia.

Contact centers company

Contact centers company

Bevatel the Advanced Call Center Company

Bevatel is the leading Saudi company specialized in all the advanced contact center services and solutions. For more than 15 years, Bevatel has developed the contact centers of more than 100 establishments in Saudi Arabia through its professional services and solutions that help companies communicate with the customers and users with advanced cloud systems.

Bevatel is a leading call center company certified and licensed by the Saudi Commission for communications and information technology. Bevatel always seeks to help the companies develop their contact centers and get professional and high-quality call center and customer service systems at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

Bevatel provides establishments with many solutions that we can mention in the following paragraph:-

Bevatel Solutions

Cloud Call Center system.

CRM System.

Outsource Call Center.

Unified Number 9200.

Business Messaging Platform.

SMS Service.

Cloud Call Center

Bevatel Cloud Call Center is the first system that includes all the call center benefits in addition to many capabilities and advantages that enable you to manage and operate your establishment call center or your business cloudly, online, and remotely.

Also, this system enables you to follow up and manage your business customer service team through the live panel and performance reports by the call center company system.

CRM System

CRM system is an essential call center company solution that enables you to create detailed databases about your potential, current, and new customers.

Bevatel CRM system also enables you to recognize your customers’ needs and problems and provides you with multiple features that help you track your sales and marketing processes periodically, evaluate and develop them.

Business Messaging Platform

It’s the first unique service in Saudi Arabia that enables you to receive all your social media conversations (WhatsApp Business, messenger, Twitter, Instagram, line, and others) through Bevatel social unified for all messengers.

Also, this service enables you to send unlimited messages (ChatBots) unified to all your customers through all your business social media channels.

Unified number 9200

The unified number 9200 is an easy-to-remember and quick number that establishments and business activities utilize to make and receive many concurrent calls. Bevatel provides you with multiple options to choose the suitable unified number for your establishment to link all your business branches through one number and receive all your business calls through a distinctive "unified number 9200".

Outsource Call Center

Outsource call center service is one of the contact centers company “Bevatel.". And this is an integrated professional service that saves many costs of contact center establishment and the costs of having a headquarters for your contact center.

Besides that, Bevatel provides you with outsourcing call center service with qualified staff trained on the international call center and customer service standards, cloud call center system, and professional CRM system at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

SMS Service

Bevatel SMS service enables you to send messages to thousands of customers with one click within some seconds through Bevatel Bulk SMS service. Also, you can auto-send thousands of messages to your website or mobile application users by using API integration.

Why the advanced call center company “Bevatel”?

Many establishments and business activities depend on Bevatel call center and customer service solutions for many reasons. We can mention some of them briefly in points as follows:-

Bevatel provides integrated professional solutions for call centers and customer service at the lowest costs in the Kingdom.

Since its establishment and over more than 15 years, Bevatel has developed call centers for more than 100 Saudi companies.

Bevatel is a leading, certified, and licensed contact centers company by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission.

Bevatel provides regular technical support to its customers and professional after-sales services 24h/day.

Bevatel provides multiple benefits for establishments to easily manage work via mobile or computer and cloudly and remotely.

Bevatel allows you to connect to your company's branches and track all customer service calls cloudly and online.

Bevatel provides its services through experts, technicians, and integrated professional work teams for the Call Center and customer service.

Bevatel appreciates customers’ privacy, so we do not log into the customer's page without an official request from him.

Bevatel provides comprehensive and extensive training courses for establishments and business activities to be professional in Bevatel systems and solutions.

Bevatel provides a unified panel for calling, sending SMS, and tracking WhatsApp and email.

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