CRM Application

Bevatel's CRM Application is the latest professional customer service management system that enables you to monitor and develop marketing and sales plans, manage existing projects, improve technical support and customer service performance.

CRM Application

CRM Application

What is the Bevatel CRM Application?

it's known as CRM system, customer relationship management application, or customer service management.

This system from Bevatel is the latest CRM system in Saudi Arabia that provides you with many technical options and features that help you manage customer service for your organization or business.

This application also enables you to manage and follow up all marketing, sales operations, and plans in real-time, starting from implementing e-marketing campaigns and catching target customers to converting them into new customers.

In addition to that, this system provides you with multiple tools and options that enable you to understand your target customers, analyze their problems and needs. CRM system helps you develop the services and products you provide to your customers.

CRM Application Importance

The Bevatel CRM system has great importance for the establishments and business activities and all their departments. So we find there are CRM uses for these departments: -

Customer service management application for projects and stores.

CRM app for sales and marketing.

CRM to manage customer service and technical support.

CRM uses for projects and stores

The customer service management system is one of the applications and systems that no establishment can do without managing new and existing projects.

This system helps you manage new projects in your organization in a professional and integrated manner, starting from project planning and assigning the tasks of departments and employees to follow up on implementation and completing tasks on the required dates.

This application allows you to follow up the project implementation stages periodically, the employees' tasks (completed tasks, pending tasks, completion dates), and other details and options that assure that you follow up and manage all project stages professionally.

CRM Application for technical support and customer service

The Bevatel Customer Relationship Management System is the latest professional system that provides you with multiple advantages and options to provide better customer service and technical support to your target customers.

This application allows you to write down the current and the new customers' problems and inquiries. Then, you can understand customers, their problems, needs, and feedback towards the products and services you provide, and thus you can provide the appropriate services and solutions to them and provide them with the best technical support.

The Bevatel technical support tickets in the customer service management system enable you to review all the customers’ problems and inquiries in general. And this helps you know the pending, solve problems and answer the frequented customers’ questions that help you provide the best solutions, services, and products suitable for them that meet their needs. And make them regular customers.

Why Bevatel for Call Center Solutions and Services?

There are many reasons why many companies use Bevatel call center solutions and services, the most prominent of which are mentioned in some points as follows: -

Bevatel is the leading Saudi company for call center solutions and services, certified and licensed by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission.

For more than 15 years, Bevatel has successfully developed call centers for more than 100 businesses and establishments in Saudi Arabia.

Bevatel provides the CRM Application, Call Center Cloud system, and many call center solutions and services at the highest quality and lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

Bevatel provides its customers with integrated professional after-sales services, technical support, and regular customer service 24h/day.

Bevatel provides call center solutions and services by professional experts, technicians, and specialists in call center and customer service.

Bevatel provides cloud call center solutions and customer service that enables you to work online and remotely from anywhere without the need to be on the premises.

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