CRM for Medical Facilities

CRM for Medical Facilities from Bevatel is the best system that enables you to manage and organize all the operations and tasks of the medical centers and clinics departments with many options and many professional benefits.

CRM for Medical Facilities

CRM for Medical Facilities

What is the CRM for Medical Facilities from Bevatel?

Bevatel customer relationship management system for managing Medical Facilities enables you to manage all reservations and examinations for the medical center from A to Z and starting from the patient's reservation for one of the clinics or medical specialties, through conducting the necessary medical examinations, diagnosing the condition, up to treatment, performing the necessary operations, and follow-up until the patient recovers and leaves the clinic.

This system provides you with many advantages and professional options that enable you to track the workflow and all reservations made in your hospital or medical center.

This system also provides your employees, including doctors, consultants, and employees, with professional tools that help them perform their tasks professionally and know their agendas through a page for each employee that provides him with the most accurate details about his workflow and reservations.

What are the usages of the customer services management system for Medical Facilities?

You can use the CRM system for Medical Facilities in all departments and work stages of the facility. So, you can provide professional, high-quality medical services that help you achieve your goals of getting things done professionally, helping patients, and providing them with the best medical care services.

One of the most prominent advantages of this system is that it is multi-use, "that is, it includes a large number of tools that serve all departments and specialties of medical centers." Among the most prominent uses of the CRM system for medical centers are the following:-

Manage appointments and reservations

Central patient registration and reception

Outpatient business management

Emergency department management

Department of laboratories and laboratory departments

Department of Radiology

Medicines and pharmacy management

Health insurance operations management

Manage operation rooms and anesthesia

Managing the medical file of each patient

Nursing department management

Patient room management

Issuing and managing patient bills

Importance of CRM for Medical Facilities

This system from Bevatel includes many features and options that are indispensable to any department in the medical centers, which help the hospital or medical center to manage their business and ease of providing their services in general. We mention some of the most prominent advantages of this system in points as follows:-

Improving the patient experience

System customization

Complete medical file for the patient

A page for each patient

Improving the patient experience

The customer relationship management system for medical centers enables you to provide the best medical services and healthcare to patients in the most professional and efficient ways.

This system helps you improve the patient experience because of the advantages that this system provides that make the detection, examination, diagnosis, and provision of medical care services to the patient more accurate.

Organizing and managing the processes of providing medical care services to the patient through a CRM system, making the patient feel the extent of the center or medical facility’s interest in him, moment by moment.

CRM system helps you organize and automate all stages of the patient reception and treatment and make all things done with utmost accuracy and flexibility. It makes the patient know that the staff performed smoothly and professionally. And this improves his experience and increases his satisfaction with the medical center.

System customization

One of the most prominent advantages of a CRM for Medical Facilities is that it is customizable to suit the needs and requirements of your medical center or hospital that you manage.

We can customize the system for you according to the size of your medical center and the number of departments and departments you want to manage through the system, and we can also customize the reservations pages, patient profiles, and pages for doctors in your medical facility.

Then we can create and add new modules in line with the structure of your establishment work and help you achieve your objectives and develop the work performance of all your medical departments.

Complete medical file for the patient

This system enables you to create an integrated medical file for each patient. This file is an integrated reference that helps employees and doctors to perform their tasks and help the patient more professionally. This file includes the entire patient's data, as follows:

Personal patient data (date of birth, identity, gender, nationality)

Name, email, and mobile number

A personal picture of the patient

Patient case details

A page for each doctor

One of the most prominent features of the Customer Relationship Management System from the Advanced International Company for Communications and Information Technology is to create a page for each patient. This page contains accurate and comprehensive details about the doctor's workflow. Doctor's pages include:

Doctor's data and contact data

inbox for the doctor and the dates and subject of the messages

Patients who follow up with the doctor and their appointments with him

Reservations for each doctor and details of each reservation

Technical support tickets for each doctor and their details

Why do many Medical Facilities and centers utilize the Bevatel Customer Service Management System?

Many medical centers and hospitals rely on the CRM system from Bevatel for many of the advantages that Bevatel provides, the most prominent of which are as follows:-

Bevatel offers free after-sales technical support 24h/day for the subscription period.

We provide all our services through experts and specialists at the highest level of professionalism in all fields of call center and customer relationship management systems.

Bevatel trains its clients on call center systems and CRM for Medical Facilities throughout the subscription period.

Bevatel is the first leading Saudi company specialized in cloud call center services, customer service management systems, and technical support.

Bevatel is a licensed and approved contact center company by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission and Certified by STC.

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