CRM for Tourism Companies

CRM for tourism companies is the latest system that helps you manage customer relationships and interactions with your business and your services or products with multiple professional benefits for marketing, sales, and reservations departments.

CRM for Tourism Companies

CRM for Tourism Companies

What is a CRM for tourism companies?

The Bevatel customer service management system for tourism companies is a professional system that includes many features and tools that help the marketing, sales, and reservations departments implement and follow up on all their operations and tasks after they request your services.

To further explain what the CRM system is and its importance for tourism companies, there are many advantages and tools that this system from Bevatel provides you with, which helps you improve your company's departments in general.

CRM software advantages for tourism companies

The Bevatel customer service management system provides integrated professional benefits for tourism companies, starting from marketing tours and offers, passing by the sales operations, and even activating reservations and sending invoices.

We can mention the most popular usages of this system for tourism companies in some points as follows:-

CRM software for managing marketing campaigns

Create flight quotations for customers

Booking hotels and flights for clients

Send invoices to clients

CRM software for managing marketing campaigns

The customer service management system from Bevatel helps the marketing departments of tourism companies implement and follow up on e-marketing campaigns for hotel reservations and flights through social media.

This program helps marketing departments to know the trends of target customers and follow up on marketing campaigns. And then, this program helps these departments target their customers accurately with appropriate offers and trips.

Create flight quotations for customers

One of the most popular advantages of this system is that it enables you to create quotations for hotels and flight reservations and send them to customers for review.

This feature helps the sales departments of tourism companies follow up on sales operations with target customers caught from e-marketing campaigns or customers who are generally interested in the company's services or offers for hotels and flight reservations.

In general, the CRM for tourism companies includes special modules that you can use to create financial proposals for defined tourism trips or services and send these offers to customers.

Reservation of hotels and flights

Reserving hotels and flights is one of the most prominent usages of the CRM customer service management system for any tourism company.
This system provides reservation and sales and departments in companies with many advantages and tools to implement the reservations for the customers.
The CRM program includes several modules and tools that provide reservation management with many details about:-

The hotels are available for reservation, the details of each hotel, and its services and level.

The rooms available in each hotel and their details (single, double, triple, etc.).

Booking prices in different hotels and filtering for the best suitable price for the customer.

Know the available flights, their prices, details, and times.

Determine which hotels and flights are most booked by customers.

These features provided by the CRM for tourism companies enable the sales department to choose the appropriate flights, hotels, and rooms for the client's needs. In addition to selecting the best flights and hotels at the right price for the customer. This system allows you to arrange and filter flights, offers, and hotels according to many considerations such as prices and hotel class (3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars, or seven stars) and other considerations that help employees book the best tours and choose the best customer service at the best price.

Create and send invoices

After the customer agrees to the quotations and confirms his request for a hotel reservation or flight reservation, you can use the invoice generation feature, put the reservation details and the final price and send it to the customer through the Invoice Module.

Follow up on requests and reservations (customer service)

One of the most popular advantages of the customer service management system CRM for tourism companies is that it helps the technical support and the customer service departments provide the best service and technical support needed.

This system helps the customer service department follow up on customers' reservations and requests problems through the technical support tickets feature. Through these tickets, the customer service/technical support staff can view the customers' issues resolved and unresolved ones and other details that help the administration to provide better technical support and the best customer service.

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