CRM Service

Bevatel CRM service is the latest integrated system for marketing and sales following up and developing, projects and stores management.

CRM Service

CRM Service
It’s known by customer relationship management systems or CRM solutions or CRM applications.
This system includes many features and options that help companies and establishments to manage and develop customer service.
It also includes many techniques that enable establishments to manage and track marketing and sales processes and plans periodically and then develop them.
Besides the mentioned, this system enables you to recognize the target customers, their problems and needs, and then provide them with better service and technical support.

Why do many companies depend on the CRM system?

Many various companies in different sizes depend on CRM solutions for many reasons and advantages that this system provides such as:

Marketing Plans Development

Sales Processes Management & Development

Stores Management

Projects Management

Customer Service

Technical Support Development

Marketing Plans Development

You can depend on Bevatel CRM services to follow up and develop your business marketing plans.
CRM systems provide you with much data and many reports about target customers’ problems, inquiries, and needs to help you understand your customers and their problems well, then provide them with the best suitable services and products that meet their needs.
After target customers' problems recognizing their needs and attitudes understanding, you can plan and execute successful digital marketing campaigns.
Also, you can benefit from CRM service to manage your business campaigns, and then it helps you recognize prominent customers accurately.
Generally, a CRM application helps you recognize your target customers, manage digital marketing campaigns and then edit and develop your marketing processes and plans to increase sales and profits.

Sales Processes Management & Development

CRM Application provides you with many technical features to manage and develop your business sales processes periodically.
This system enables you to manage all sales processes periodically to engage with prospective customers and turn them into real ones.
Also, you can create logs for prospective, new, and current customers and manage these logs to view all customers’ accounts.
Besides the above, CRM service helps you monitor all customers’ transactions daily, weekly, or monthly in detail.
For evaluation and development, CRM solutions enable you to view every employee's successful deals and lost ones.
In general, this system provides you with many features and much data that help you manage all sales processes regularly.
And then, it helps you evaluate the current sales processes and plans and develop them to provide better plans and to develop the sales staff performance.

Stores Management

You can benefit from a CRM application to manage your business stores professionally with many technical features and options.
This system allows you to manage your stores available and sell products stock with codes.
Also, you can manage and track all suppliers' and customers' transactions with detailed reports.

Projects Management

CRM solutions help you manage the new and current projects with many options, tools, and features that enable you to

Add the project tasks.

Distribute the tasks for the staff.

Recognize the deadline for all the staff.

Add all project details and notes.

Follow up all project stages from A to Z.

Recognize the done and pending tasks.

Customer service & technical support Development

One of the CRM application advantages is that it helps companies develop all services and technical supports provided for the customers.

This system provides detailed reports about customers' problems, inquiries, needs and complaints, and then it helps you understand target customers well and provide them with better service and technical support.

Then, the customer service and technical support agents connect with customers with follow-up messages or by phone calling to eliminate all their problems.

Besides the above, this system provides many features that help you define target customers' preferences and get new ideas and attitudes while dealing with them.

Generally, CRM service helps to track all customers’ transactions, problems, inquiries, and needs regularly.

And then, it helps you provide better suitable customer service and technical support, expect the future prospective customers according to the current customers' attitudes, and then it helps to develop marketing and sales plans.

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