CRM Software for Marketing & Sales

Bevatel CRM Software is the best system to manage your marketing sales and marketing processes with a professional User-friendly application for Computers and mobile.

CRM Software for Marketing & Sales

CRM Software for Marketing & Sales

CRM Software for Marketing & Sales

This Application is also known as the Customer relationship management system.

Bevatel provides the latest integrated professional CRM system with many features and tools that allow you to manage, track and evaluate your establishment's sales and marketing departments' performance.

This system includes many techniques and features that help you get much data and details about your customers, sales processes, and others.

This system helps manage all your business channels by linking CRM application with your business's social media channels, SMS services, and E-mail.

All Bevatel CRM techniques and tools help you understand your customers and recognize their problems, needs, attitudes, and others.

All these techniques help you provide the best service for the customer, develop the customer service performance, gain customer satisfaction and increase sales and profits.

CRM software for sales

CRM system provides many features for the business sales department. These features help companies track the sales department's performance periodically, engage with the potential customers to turn them into real ones.
CRM application helps you track the current and the future deals and daily receipts. And this App provides much data to contribute to developing the sales plans generally.
In general, a CRM system for sales helps you execute many sales tasks and processes. We can mention some of them as follows:

Potential customers catching, managing, and organizing easily.

Getting an integrated overview of the sales processes.

Forwarding the potential customers to the suitable sales representative according to the company considerations.

Getting a realistic expectation for future sales.

CRM software for Marketing

Bevatel CRM system provides many technical features and tools that help the marketing department execute many tasks and processes professionally.

Bevatel CRM application provides much data about target customers’ problems, inquiries, and needs. Then, this system helps your business marketing department understand target customers well, recognize their attitudes, customize and provide suitable services and products.

Also, this system helps you manage all digital marketing campaigns by linking the company's social media channels' pages to the customer relationship management system.

Finally, you can execute many marketing campaigns through the Bevatel SMS service linked to the CRM application to send many SMS to your customers with many advantages.

Why do many companies choose the Bevatel CRM application?

Bevatel CRM system is the latest one to manage sales and marketing departments with many advantages.

Bevatel CRM application is the first user-friendly CRM system for mobile and computer together.

Many advantages make companies depend on this system. We can mention some of them as follows:

User-friendly for mobile

One of the CRM software advantages is that it’s a user-friendly application for mobile and computer together.
Then, you can track all marketing and sales processes with your mobile from anywhere and remotely.
Bevatel CRM application is considered the first one for marketing and sales departments’ development by mobile or computer and from anywhere, just with an internet connection.

Communication Channels Integration

linking all your business social media channels through a unified system for customer service is one of Bevatel CRM system advantages management.
Now, you can link your cloud call center system, billing system, ERP system, and others with CRM software, and then you can execute many tasks easily and quickly.
In general, this system helps you track all marketing and sales processes. And then you can evaluate and develop them.
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