CRM Solution

Upgrade your establishment or business customer service department with the latest cloud call center and the best CRM Solution at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

CRM Solution

CRM Solution

What is the Bevatel CRM Solution "Customer relationship Management System"?

It is the latest professional system from Bevatel that enables establishments and commercial activities to manage and follow up on their customers' interactions and dealings with their products or services.

Bevatel provides this system to institutions and commercial activities that seek to develop their marketing, sales, technical support, and customer service departments' performance through the tools and features included in this system that help employees and departments to provide better service and technical support to customers.
Therefore, this system provides the following usages for establishments and commercial activities:-

Customer relationship Management System for marketing

CRM system for sales development

CRM system for customer service and technical support

CRM application for project and stores management

CRM System for marketing

Bevatel CRM solution enables companies marketing departments to manage, implement and follow up on many marketing operations.

This system enables businesses and companies to manage and implement their marketing campaigns via social media, email, or SMS campaigns.

You can integrate this system with the Bevatel SMS platform. And then, you can implement and follow up on all SMS campaigns you want, whether bulk SMS or individual messages, and other options that you can utilize for scheduling messages and others.

In general, the Bevatel customer relationship management system helps you get a detailed view of your target customers, their attitudes, problems, and inquiries. This system helps you understand your target customers and provide them with suitable products and services.

CRM Solution for Sales Development

Bevatel Customer Service System enables you to manage and implement all your company sales operations: catching potential customers and sending them financial proposals to issuing and sending them invoices.

In addition, this system helps you follow up on sales operations periodically and view the status of each customer, the sales completed by each employee, the operations not closed, and other things that help you develop and evaluate the sales departments’ performance in general for increasing profits.

CRM for Customer service and technical support

This system from Bevatel helps you develop the performance of the sales service and technical support departments.

For customer service, this system enables the customer service department to save frequent customer problems and inquiries. This feature helps employees understand the target customers and their problems. And then provide better service and help customers to benefit from the service in the best possible way.

As for the technical support department, the customer relationship management system provides establishments and businesses with tools that help the technical support department solve customer problems and provide better service and technical support for customers, such as technical support tickets.

This system enables you to save customers' problems in the technical support cards, "a technical support ticket for each new problem for one customer." These tickets help you view inquiries of each customer at any time.

In general, the CRM system that Bevatel provides to you helps you identify customer problems and weaknesses in its services and products. And this helps you develop your services and products and eliminate their problems and weaknesses.

Bevatel CRM System for projects and stores management

One of the most popular advantages of the CRM system is that it helps you manage new and current projects and projects under construction through the tools that this system provides from Bevatel to help you manage and follow up on projects.

With this system, you can create tasks for all project employees, distribute tasks to employees, and set deadlines for their delivery.

This system also allows you to view the tasks completed by all employees and the pending ones. And then, it enables you to create and distribute new tasks to employees.

As for the stores' management, the Bevatel CRM Solution provides many professional advantages for managing the products in the stores.

This system allows you to follow up the daily transactions of suppliers and customers with numbers and reports. Also, it enables you to view the quantities of products available and sold in stores.

In addition to that, it enables you to view and organize supplier invoices and issue customer invoices. And all these operations make it easier for both sales and accounting departments to organize and follow up their work professionally.

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