CRM Solutions

Get CRM solutions for your establishments or business, and upgrade the marketing, sales, and technical support departments’ performance with multiple features to manage and track your target customers’ interactions.

CRM Solutions

CRM Solutions

What are CRM solutions and services?

It is also known as the customer relationship management system, which is the latest professional system from Bevatel that many establishments and businesses use to manage, follow up and develop the interactions of their target customers with their services or products.

In addition, it enables you to manage and organize many of the operations related to your establishments or business departments' work, not only the interactions and transactions of customers with you.

The Bevatel CRM application works on mobile and computers. This system provides several modules and options for your establishment or business departments' work (marketing management, sales, technical support, projects, stores, etc.).

Bevatel CRM services and customer relationship management system Usages

The customer relationship management system is an essential and indispensable system for the success of any institution or commercial activity because of the many advantages and options it provides. And we can mention the most important usages of this system in some points and briefly as follows:-

CRM solutions for Marketing.

Customer relationship management system for sales.

Technical support and support tickets.

Create and send financial proposals and invoices.

Stores and project management.

CRM system for marketing departments

You can take advantage of the CRM system to implement, monitor, and develop all marketing operations of your establishment or business through some options and modules.

Through this system, you can manage and implement all your digital marketing campaigns across your business platforms on social media or via e-mail.

You can also integrate the SMS service with the CRM application. And then, you can also conduct and track marketing campaigns using SMS through the Bevatel SMS platform system with the customer relationship management system.

In general, this system helps the marketing department in various establishments and businesses recognize the attitudes and interests of the target customers. And then provide them with appropriate services and products.

Bevatel CRM services for sales.

The CRM solutions help you manage and execute all sales processes, from catching target customers and converting them to actual customers to creating and sending invoices to customers.

This system provides many options to identify the successful transactions completed by each employee and details about potential customers, disinterested and suspended, and other info that enable you to get an overview of the performance of the sales department in your organization.

Create and send proposals and invoices

The CRM system allows you to create financial proposals and send them to the customer for approval. After the customer agrees to the financial offer, you can create a final invoice for the transaction and send it to the customer through this system as well.

Technical support and support tickets

The Technical Support Department in establishments and commercial activities takes advantage of the customer service management system to provide better service and technical support to customers through technical support tickets.

Using support tickets, technical support staff can see customer problems and recognize the resolved and pending ones. And then, the CRM application helps them view all customer problems. And it helps them provide technical support and better customer service and improve the technical support staff performance in general.

Store and project management

One of the most popular advantages of this system is that it provides you with many options and modules for managing your establishment or business stores.

Using this system, you can manage the products in your stores and know the quantities sold and available daily. This system also gives you distinct options for managing and following up on supplier and customer transactions, the quantities received by each supplier, and the quantities sold of each product in detail.

For project management, the CRM application provides you with many professional options for managing new and existing projects through these modules that enable you to distribute and track employee tasks.

This application allows you to get many details regarding the staff performance, the tasks executed by every employee, the deadlines, and the pending tasks.

Finally, the Bevatel CRM solutions enable you to track your company workflow and evaluate the staff performance by viewing the dates of their completion of tasks and the extent of their commitment to the work deadlines that you set for them in advance.

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