IVR System

IVR system

Bevatel provides you with a professional IVR system to stay connected with your customers.

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What is the IVR System?

Bevatel IVR system "Interactive Voice Response" is a service that enables you to answer customers' inquiries about the company products and services by voice messages.

IVR system is interactive because it includes interaction with the expected customers. And the service provides them with options to choose by pressing a defined number.

What is the IVR System?
IVR System From Bevatel

It’s a voice system, as it includes several previously recorded voice messages that answer the customers' expected inquiries.

IVR service provider helps the callers to contact the company's departments instantly. By providing department contact options.

For Example:

● For the Sales team, press 1

● For the technical team, press 2

IVR System from Bevatel

IVR Voice Example
How Does IVR Service Work?

How Does Bevatel IVR Service Work?

- IVR system runs through some previously recorded scenarios with voice messages that include answers to callers’ inquiries by pressing on a specific number to transfer them to a list of options for answers about your services and products. And the caller chooses what he wants.

- Smart IVR “by CRM Integration.” helps your customers automatically know their account’, services, and subscription details. Bevatel IVR enables your customers to recognize their used packages, remaining packages, renewing time, and others.

- Bevatel IVR system helps the callers connect directly with any of your company departments. Besides displaying your company promotions during waiting time or forward the customer call to the voice mail service.

IVR Service for developing your business

IVR Services provider helps you recognize the callers’ interests, attitudes, and solving their problems. Also, it helps you define strength and weakness points, increase brand awareness, and improve the performance, generally.

In general, the IVR system helps to recognize customers’ needs and provide new products and services which satisfy them.

IVR Service
IVR Service Provider

Bevatel IVR Service Provider keeps your company data’ secured.

Bevatel provides its services on highly secured servers and databases. Bevatel IVR service provider on a fully secured server and database for your company to enable you to have an unlimited number of voice messages.

Waiting time decreasing

By forwarding the calls to the IVR System options to answer the caller inquiries

Brand awareness

By displaying the Company products and services

Customers feedback getting

By executing surveys about customers feedback on the company products and services

Efforts and cost-saving

By decreasing the staff number and providing IVR Service

Company services Promoting

By displaying the company services and products during the waiting time

IVR System advantages
Holidays and off duty communication

IVR Service enables you to answer the callers’ inquiries in holidays and off duty time

Calls forwarding

By forwarding the callers to a specific department to answer their inquiries

Permanent customer service

Bevatel IVR Service enables you to answer callers' inquiries anytime.

Providing an impressive brand image

By helping the customer with IVR system instead of line busy

Business Performance Developing

By recognizing the customers' interests and providing suitable services and products