Call Evaluation

Call Evaluation

Bevatel Call Evaluation techniques and staff evaluation after calls by Bevatel can help you develop your business and your staff performance.

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Why should you actively perform Call Center Evaluation?

Call Center Evaluation

Call Evaluation and Quality Evaluation are the most important techniques that help companies develop their performance and define their weaknesses and strengths. As well as this evaluation helps to improve the customer service, sales, and technical support staff with call center evaluation and Call quality evaluation techniques.

These methods help your company recognize customers’ problems well, meet their needs, and provide them with the best service. Bevatel provides quality evaluation after calls and call center evaluation techniques that help the sales and marketing staff to recognize the weaknesses and strengths of them, services, and products.

As well, these techniques help to recognize customers’ problems, attitudes, and needs. Then you can provide them with better service, products, and services, solve their problems, and satisfy their needs.

How is getting Integrated Call Evaluation

And Call Center quality for your company?

Bevatel provides call center quality evaluation methods by a voice form that the customer fills out after ending the calls or by auto-dialing the customer after some minutes to get his feedback. Then your company can get:

Call Center Quality

Better Customer Service

Better Customer Service

Bevatel call center evaluation methods help you know the customers’ satisfaction extent with your services and products and the customer service provided. Also, it helps to monitor customers’ feedback on the company in general and on its staff. And this makes customers feel satisfied because the company cares about their feedback.

Call center evaluation and quality evaluation help to recognize customers’ problems, needs, and attitudes related to the company’s services and products, besides recognizing their feedback on customer service and whether the staff answered their inquiries and helped them solve their problems. And other Call evaluation factors that help your company solve customers’ problems, meet their needs, and provide them with the best service.

Company and staff performance developing

Bevatel post-call staff evaluation methods enable your company to evaluate customer service, technical support, and sales through a recorded voice form that callers fill out after the call or by auto-dialing the customer after some minutes.

Call Center Quality helps you monitor the staff performance, recognizing their strengths, weaknesses, and their commitment to work basics: greeting, products and services info, customers helping, and till to ending the call, Besides defining the number of the received call by the staff, duration, transfer times, the staff’ speed and the customers’ number which the employee helped them.

All of these above features help you develop staff performance, train them if needed, and develop the business performance generally.

Customer Service Evaluation

Bevatel for call center quality evaluation?

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