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Live Chat

From now, you won’t miss any of your customers and your website visitors with the Bevatel social platform which enables you to receive all your web chat conversations with professional features and multiple options.

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What is a Live Chat service?

It’s a professional system or a tool that allows your website visitors to contact you easily by chatting with your establishment customer service department. And then, one of customer service or technical support of sales staff will respond to their inquiries according to their needs and problems, Once any visitor enters your website or online store, a conversation window appears for him (start a conversation). And this window allows him to leave his message and start chatting with the relevant department or to continue Chat Bot.

Web Chat & Chat Bot

Web Chat & Chat Bot

You can activate Chat Bot and quick replies features in the Web Chat system to respond to your customers’ messages entirely or particularly then forwarding them to a defined employee or specific department (sales, customer service, technical support, etc.)

You can utilize this feature by creating the expected Chat Bot templates and uploading them to the webchat system or Bevatel social platform. And these templates include greetings messages, quick and auto-replies to the expected customers’ inquiries related to your establishment products and services.

All your website or online store conversations in Bevatel social platform

From now, your staff won’t waste their time swapping between your website, online store, and social media channels to respond to all customers’ inquiries and confirm their reservations. Your staff can now receive your establishment Web Chat, E-mail, and social media channels conversations through Bevatel social platform unified for all your business messengers.

Bevatel LiveChat Features

Save your time, save the frequented answers and utilize them again to respond to the customers inquiries, Bevatel Live Chat enables you to save the frequented answers to reutilize them when needed. And when responding to the customers messages, quick replies and suggestions will appear.

It is always preferable to utilize this feature and categorize your customers' conversations via Live Chat with tags and keywords related to the different departments (sales, customer service, technical support, etc.), Categorizing webchat conversations helps your employees facilitate and speedy communication with clients and helps you obtain the best reports on different departments by filtering reports using tags and keywords

You can keep all your website LiveChat conversations as a reference using the filter feature and specific hashtags or words, or even refer to a determined department or employee's conversations

This feature helps you -as a business manager- view all the ongoing conversations between your employees and customers via the LiveChat in your website or online store. Hence, this feature helps you track your work progress, direct the employee, or correct info in private

LiveChat enables you to access your website customer, or visitor' data in one window including the essential data of the customer: name, address, etc. This feature also provides you with other details such as customer inquiries, requests, problems, or complaints, the web page that the customer browses, and others that help your staff provide the best customer service through LiveChat conversations

Now, you can integrate your Live Chat for your website or online store with the customer service management system (CRM), your online store platforms, and other systems. Thus, this integration allows you to obtain more information about each customer's dealings, purchases, and others

Live Chat system helps you provide your customers with better technical support by quickly accessing the customer's technical support tickets and viewing the customer's problems, previous inquiries, and other data that helps you resolve his problems quickly, Also, this data helps you develop technical support services provided to your customers in general.

Live Chat or Web Chat conversations help you upgrade your establishment sales processes, Using this system, you can track your customers, view your website visitors, the pages, and services they are interested in. And then, you can easily communicate with them, turn them from leads to customers by calling them or chatting with them by the sales team
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