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The first softphone application that enable you to make and receive calls Online by your Mobile or Computer.

What is softphone application?

What is softphone application ?

Bevatel Softphone is the first application that enables you to make and receive your calls via an internet connection directly. This call center software is one of the latest softphone Applications, which needs only an internet connection to make all your business calls via this system, which is considered one of the most precious company’s call center factors.

Bevatel Softphone helps you improve your business work techniques and making and receiving calls. Now it’s easy with the latest Softphone applications to make and receive your business call via your contact center, but with Softphone with your mobile or your computer, only by internet connection.

VoIP products and solutions are the main factors for improving the mechanism of communication over the internet connection, and these solutions help you access your business telephone line from anywhere and remotely without any need to be at your company to make your business calls. Therefore, Bevatel offers high-quality VOIP products for faster and better communication with just an Internet connection.

VoIP Products with Softphone

Now with Bevatel Solution, Communication became easier with Bevatel Softphone application, which enables you to call via your mobile or computer with the same features as a traditional telephone, but just by calling via the internet connection from anywhere. You can run it not only on mobile devices but on computers as well, so you will be in constant contact with your business and your customers from anywhere at any time.

Bevatel Softphone & User-Friendly Panel

Bevatel Softphone application provides a user-friendly interface and smart control panel that enables you to follow up on business calls via your company’s call center software. And you can answer your company unified number calls, via the Softphone mobile application or the computer remotely or in Company Headquarters.

Bevatel Softphone & User-Friendly Panel
How can you run Bevatel Softphone Application?

How can you run Bevatel Softphone Application?

Just some minutes!

It’s only some minutes to run Bevatel Softphone on your mobile or your computer then you can make your calls and answer customers’ inquiries from your office, or remotely.

Some simple steps to make and receive calls online via Bevatel Softphone

Making & Receiving Calls
Making & Receiving Calls

After setting up the Application on your mobile or computer, now, you can make and receive calls online.

Internet Connecting
Internet Connecting

You can benefit from all Bevatel softphone advantages by connecting the computer or mobile to the Internet, then making sure about the connection quality.

VOIP Connecting
VOIP Connecting

You can download Bevatel softphone to your mobile from Android or IOS stores. The App can run without headphones but by computer or mobile.

Bevatel Softphone Advantages

Bevatel Softphone application is considered a great step in the world of modern communications. Because it enables you to make and receive calls over the internet connection through your mobile phone or your computer, without any need for multiple devices, and if you are at the company’s headquarters or remotelyو In addition to the technical features provided by this application, the App also has many advantages and options that make calling and receiving calls easier with Bevatel Softphone application via the internet connection. This App gives you all traditional telephone advantages as well as other new benefits.

Calls Recording & Forwarding

Voice Mail Services

Privacy & Security

Softphone Features

Caller Identity Recognizing

Conference Calls

User-friendly Panel

Bevatel doesn’t provide Softphone applications, and Call Center software only, but also provides an integrated technical support service to its customers 24 hours/week as Bevatel always seeks to help customers and solve their problems. And to be more familiar with the Softphone application and the call center software and devices.

Bevatel for Modern Communication Solutions provides easy to install and operate services and easy-to-operate Softphone applications without any need for complex installations, to provide you with a unified system for your company’s call center software for faster and better communications.

Bevatel provides Softphone applications at the lowest cost and with the highest capabilities and quality by professional experts and technicians, besides call center headsets, customer service management system, and other professional communication services.

Bevatel provides a Softphone application with powerful, high-quality, and highly secure servers and databases to preserve your company data, privacy, and your customers’ data, by professional experts and technicians.

Bevatel Softphone applications enable you to organize and manage your company calls through the one-mobile application that allows you to control your company calls and separate internal calls between the work team from customer calls.

Bevatel Softphone Applications allow you to manage and organize your company’s work from anywhere as well as follow up, and guide the customer service, technical support, and sales team, just by connecting to the internet via the Softphone application on your mobile.

Bevatel enables you to operate and manage your company’s customer service through Call Center software and devices, and Softphone applications without any need for many requirements or traditional devices and complicated cables and processes.
Bevatel Softphone Advantages
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