Upgrade your establishment or business call center and customer service with the best IVR Services from Bevatel with multiple professional features to contact customers.


IVR Services

What are the Bevatel IVR Services?

IVR is a shortened word for interactive Voice Response for the customers' inquires and questions related to what your establishment offers of services and products through multiple previously recorded voice messages.

These voice messages include all answers, information, and replies that the callers need.

What are the features of utilizing Bevatel IVR solutions for businesses and establishments?

Bevatel IVR service provides you with multiple features and options that help you provide your customers with better service and technical support at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

We can mention the most prominent Bevatel IVR advantages in some points briefly, as follows:-

Cost-saving with hiring customer service agents to respond to calls

Professional establishment and impressive brand.

Fewer errors with previously recorded voice messages instead of the agents contact the target audience directly.

Define the customers’ needs and interests well.

Help customers and resolve their problems professionally and with more advanced, efficient and cost, time, and effort methods.

Divert customers' calls to IVR Services instead of waiting lists.

Cost-saving without customer service agents

Bevatel IVR service allows you to receive several calls at any time and without hiring multiple customer service agents to respond to your calls.

And then, this service saves many costs needed for customer service agents' salaries and the cloud call center services to receive, organize and distribute the concurrent calls for agents.

When you utilize this service, you won’t need few customer service agents to respond to urgent technical issues.

In general, this feature allows you to receive thousands of concurrent calls as you can respond to these calls automatically with previously recorded voice messages instead of live responses.

Professional Establishment and Impressive Brand

The Bevatel IVR service gives your customers an impression of dealing with the professional establishment and impressive brand.

When your customers call you and listen to IVR Voice messages this gives them more confidence and a positive impression towards your business.

This service makes your customers feel that you appreciate them, strive to stay connected with them with the best methods, and provide them with better service and technical support.

The callers realize that you appreciate their interests and needs and strive to save their time instead of waiting time.

More effective and efficient service & customer support

The Bevatel IVR Service enables you to provide your customers with faster, more professional, and efficient.

This service helps you to reduce the error percentage expected because of the live communication with customers.

And instead of live communication with customers, you can communicate with them through previously recorded voice messages revised carefully.

Define the customers’ needs and interests well

Bevatel IVR Solutions help you define the customers' needs, selections, and interests about your services and products.

This service allows you to view the callers' selections for some services or options. And then, it helps you develop these services and products that the customers utilize, and provide them with services and solutions that satisfy their needs and requirements.

No Waiting Time

The Bevatel IVR Services help you target customers save much time and help you save much time, effort, and costs needed for your customer service agents to contact your customers, respond to their inquiries and resolve their problems over the phone.

This service helps you eliminate waiting lists. And instead of the customers wait some minutes to talk to your customer service, they can listen to the previously recorded voice messages in the IVR.

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