IVR Solution

The Bevatel IVR solution is the latest method that enables you to respond to all your customers’ inquiries with multiple professional options and benefits at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

IVR Solution

IVR Solution

What is the Bevatel IVR solution?

It is a service provided by Bevatel so that you can operate an automated response service that enables you to respond to customer inquiries and problems through some previously recorded voice messages.

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response.

You can take advantage of the IVR service by recording a large number of voice messages that include answers and responses to the inquiries and problems of your target customers regarding the products or services provided by your establishment or business.

The Bevatel IVR Service allows you to upload these voice messages through your call center system, and then the system will display them for customers when they call you and choose the IVR service.

How does the Bevatel IVR run?

Bevatel IVR system runs using scenarios of a large number of previously recorded voice messages. These messages contain information and details about the products or services your establishment or business provides.

When your customers contact you, they will hear several options for talking to customer service, technical support, sales, and other company departments, as well as multiple options for information and answers to customer inquiries and problems.

The caller presses the number, which transfers him to options that answer his inquiries or provide him with the information he wants.

You can integrate this system with the customer relationship management system. And once the customer calls you, he can inquire about the consumption details of the packages subscribed to renewal dates and other details that the customer always needs to know anytime.

Advantages of IVR system

The Bevatel IVR solution provides many professional advantages to establishments and businesses that help them communicate better with their customers and provide them with professional technical support at the lowest costs.

We can briefly mention the most prominent of these advantages in some points as follows:-

Permanent technical support and customer service

Increase brand awareness.

Reduce waiting time.

Save efforts and costs.

Permanent technical support and customer service

The IVR service enables you to respond to customer inquiries and problems 24 hours/day, on holidays and off-duty hours. And then you can provide technical support and permanent customer service to customers.

Increase brand awareness

The IVR solution helps you increase the brand awareness of your target customers by displaying more details about your products, services, and activities.

Reduce waiting time

This service enables you to reduce the waiting time for customers by diverting their calls to IVR response options to respond to their inquiries and problems.

Saving efforts and costs

By using the Bevatel IVR system, you can save a lot of effort and time.

Bevatel IVR enables you to respond to customers' inquiries and help them 24 hours/day. And then you will not need a large number of customer service staff.

Why do many establishments and businesses utilize Bevatel solutions and services for advanced contact centers?

Many establishments and commercial activities rely on Bevatel solutions and services because Bevatel provides advanced professional cloud solutions to advanced call centers at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia and with multiple professional advantages. We can mention the most prominent of them in some points and briefly as follows:-

Bevatel provides integrated professional services and solutions to create a cloud call center for establishments and commercial activities of all sizes and the products and services they provide.

Bevatel provides its customers with free 24/7 technical support throughout the subscription period.

Bevatel is the leading Saudi company in the field of advanced cloud call center services and solutions.

Bevatel is a professional Saudi company licensed and certified by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission.

Bevatel provides the IVR Solution at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia with multiple features to communicate with customers.

Bevatel provides exclusive after-sales services for the business, and even Bevatel trains the client's staff on Bevatel services and solutions.

Bevatel provides professional services and solutions for call centers and customer service through qualified specialists and experts.

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