outsource call center

Get professional customer service for your business or establishment by Saudi employees with the best outsource call center service from Bevatel with many features at the lowest costs.

outsource call center

outsource call center

Professional outsourcing call center

Bevatel provides integrated outsource call center services with professional Saudi customer service agents trained on international call center and customer service standards. This service also includes a cloud call center system integrated with a CRM system, high-quality Call Center devices and headphones, headquarters and offices for agents, and human resource management that monitor employees' performance and their commitment to official work schedules. Also, we provide this service with many technical features that help you monitor and evaluate the customer service agents’ performance periodically, and then develop their performance and provide better customer service.

Why call center services for others?

There are many advantages that make you rely on an outsource call center service for your company, we can mention the most prominent, as follows:


High-quality regular customer service

Professional and qualified staff


Cost-saving is one of the most important features that make you rely on an outsourcing call center for your company. Instead of establishing a headquarters for the Call Center and equipping it with call center devices headphones for the call center, offices, various systems, lines, and professional staff, all at high costs, Bevatel provides you with an integrated call center outsourcing at a distinguished location with a professional cloud Call Center system, devices, a unique unified number, and qualified Saudi Call Center agents. All of this costs much less than the costs you would need to create an integrated call center for your company.

High-quality regular customer service

Bevatel provides a regular call center service with rotational work periods 24 hours/day as well as on holidays, so from now, there will be professional staff to answer your customers' calls all day and on various holidays. We also provide our services to you through powerful servers and professional systems, so from now, your customers won’t have any connection problems, as we provide you with a regular and high-quality outsource Call Center service.

Professional and qualified staff

Getting professional and qualified Call Center employees is difficult and expensive for many companies and establishments, but now it becomes much easier with Bevatel. We provide you with professional Saudi customer service agents trained on the global call center and customer service standards, with the qualifications you want and at the lowest costs. Also, our human resources department monitors the regularity and commitment of the call center employees to the official working hours set for them to provide you with a professional outsourcing call center system as you want.

Why Bevatel call center outsourcing services for your company?

Bevatel is a Saudi company licensed and certified by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission, and over more than 15 years, Bevatel has succeeded in being the leading Saudi company that contributes to establish advanced call centers and provide companies and establishments with integrated professional solutions and services.

Outsource call center advantages

Professional qualified Saudi employees
We provide call center outsourcing for companies and establishments with qualified professional Saudi staff trained on international call center' and customer service standards.

Bevatel provides professional outsource call center service at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia through a headquarters equipped with the latest call center devices, headphones, and specialized professional customer service staff.

Professional high-performance systems
Bevatel provides an integrated call center system for companies, "Cloud Call Center System", for high-quality calls and multiple technical features.

Performance monitoring and evaluation
Our outsourcing call center service enables you to follow up your customer service agents’ performance in real-time through the live panel screen or performance reports.

Permanent service & Public holidays
We provide integrated and professional outsource call center services 24h/day, with rotational working periods, and therefore we provide regular service on public holidays.

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