Outsourced call center

Contact with your customers professionally through the Bevatel Outsourced call center service to respond to your customers’ inquiries and problems through experts and specialists in call center and customer service at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

Outsourced call center

Outsourced call center

What is the Bevatel Outsourced call center service?

It is the call center service provided by Bevatel to establishments and commercial activities that want to communicate with their customers through specialists and experts in the field of call center and qualified customer service staff trained at the highest level of professionalism.

This service includes many advantages that made hundreds of establishments and commercial activities rely on it. And we can mention the most prominent advantages of this service in some points briefly as follows:-

Cost saving.

Cloud call center system.

CRM Customer Service Management System.

Qualified and specialized customer service staff.


Saving costs is the most important advantage of the Bevatel outsourced call center service. And it is one of the most important reasons why many institutions and commercial activities take advantage of this service to receive calls from their target customers.

By utilzing the Bevatel outsource call center service, you save many of the costs necessary to obtain a suitable headquarters for the call center and the costs of purchasing call center VOIP devices and systems, offices and other items needed to obtain an integrated professional center to receive your customers' calls.

This service also saves you a lot of costs related to the salaries of customer service employees and the preparation of the entire call center headquarters. And instead you only pay a monthly subscription fee in for using the service and all its advantages.

Cloud call center system

It is the latest professional call center system that enables you to receive several concurrent calls required for your business or organization. The outsourced call center service that Bevatel provides you with includes this system which provides your employees with multiple advantages to respond to customer inquiries and problems.

We can mention the most prominent advantages of this system in some points and briefly as follows:-

Call waiting and call forwarding feature.

IVR and voice mail service.

Call recording feature and exportt recordings for the last 30 days.

Track the workflow and evaluate the performance of the call center employees.

Live Panel and performance reports

The Bevatel outsource call center service provides you with a live Panel screen and reports of the cloud call center system so that you can track the workflow of your call center and follow up the performance of the call center employees periodically and from anywhere as this system works cloudly just by connecting to the Internet.

Through the live Panel, you can view the ongoing calls, waiting lists, and the status of each employee, whether he is in a break, a meeting, or a call.

You can also listen to calls without knowing the caller. And here this feature helps you in directing employees or correcting information.

Through the system reports, you can get comprehensive details about the performance of the customer service agents that Bevatel hires to answer the calls of your establishments or business.

The Bevatel Cloud Call Center reports provide you with details about the number of calls received by each employee, the duration of each call, and the number and duration of breaks each employee took.

Professional and specialized customer service staff

Bevatel provides the outsourced call center service for institutions and commercial activities through experts and professional customer service staff qualified and trained.

We hire specialized customer service staff fluent in the languages ​​and accents required for your business or organization and select Call Center staff with the skills and experiences you specify, at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to hiring customer service employees, Bevatel trains and qualifies these employees on Bevatel's cloud call center system which is provided by Bevatel in this service.

We also train them on the products or services provided by your organization or business. So that, they are qualified enough to respond to all inquiries and problems of your target customers and provide better customer service.

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