Softphone Application

Bevatel Softphone application is the latest program that enable you to make your business calls just by connecting to the Internet from anywhere cloudly without being in your establishment contact center.

Softphone Application

Softphone Application

What is a softphone application?

This application is also known as softphone programs. This word means that the softphone program provides the same functions and features as the phone.

The softphone program is an application that enables you to make phone calls for your business using only the Internet connection without the need for specific devices, only using the private call center system and your unified number.

More simply, this application enables you to make and receive calls to your business or establishment through your unified number using your computer or mobile from anywhere.

These apps include a panel with icons and options that you can use to control making and receiving calls and other options during a call.

How does a Softphone Application work?

The mechanism of the softphone application is based mainly on the Voice over Internet Protocol technology of which is known as VOIP, and this technique enables you to make and receive calls for your business or establishment.

The VOIP technique enables you to combine the advantages of mobile and computer usages in one application that allows you to make and receive your establishment or business calls for your establishment or business, just using the Internet at an appropriate speed.

A computer or mobile phone with a microphone and headphones and an internet connection are all you need to benefit from a softphone application and run them. You can run the application on any browser like Google Chrome, Safari, and others.

And the technique to run Softphone programs is easy. Once you install the application on your mobile phone or computer, you can make and receive calls immediately after connecting to the Internet. And then, you can take advantage of the features and options that this application provides.

Is the softphone application different from the traditional phone for contact centers?

Yes, of course, many features are unique to the softphone application that the traditional phone does not provide.

Although there are similarities between the softphone programs and the traditional phone, there are many differences between the softphone programs and the traditional ones. We can mention some of them in points as follows:

The softphone enables you to make and receive calls from your business or establishment cloudly, online, and remotely. The traditional phone does not provide that, as using it requires you to be at your call center.

The softphone enables you to make and receive your business calls via mobile, and the traditional phone does not provide that.

Softphone programs are easy to operate and work with an internet connection and do not need complicated hardware or installations and cables like a traditional phone.

Bevatel Softphone Application Advantages

The Bevatel softphone App provides you with many advantages and options to make and receive calls for your business or establishment. We can mention the most prominent of them in points and briefly as follows:

User Friendly with computer, mobile, and tablet

Lower costs for making your business calls

Easy to integrate with other systems.

Easy to work with multiple phone lines.

Voicemail and incoming call notifications

Easy to make conference calls and video calls.

Call waiting and call forwarding feature.

Voice mails running (sending and receiving).

Why do many businesses and establishments use Bevatel Softphone programs?

Many businesses and establishments in Saudi Arabia rely on using the Bevatel softphone application for many reasons and advantages that Bevatel provides to its customers. We can mention some of them in points as follows:

Technical support 24 hours/day.

Professional services at the lowest costs

Few requirements

Technical support 24 hours/day

Bevatel provides softphone applications with multiple professional features. And Bevatel provides its customers with regular free technical support services 24 hours/day.

Professional services at the lowest cost

Bevatel provides integrated professional services for call center and customer service at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia through experts and specialists in the cloud call center services and solutions fields.
Softphone programs also save many costs for businesses and establishments, as the softphone application allows you to work remotely using your computer. Then, you won’t have to assign customer service staff to your call center. Because they can work online and this saves you a lot of costs.

Fewer work requirements

The services and solutions that Bevatel provides for businesses and establishments are easy-to-operate cloud solutions for contact centers. And these solutions and services do not require complicated cables or installations and devices to work but rather run cloudly.
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