Softphone applications

Get the latest Softphone applications from Bevatel and contact your customers through your unified number on mobile or computer from anywhere with multiple professional benefits and at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

Softphone applications

Softphone applications

What are Softphone applications?

Also known as softphone applications, they are the best applications that enable you to make and receive calls to your business or establishment using your mobile phone or computer with multiple contact center benefits.

The mechanism of the softphone programs is based primarily on making and receiving calls from your call center using a mobile phone or computer from anywhere remotely, and cloudly just by connecting to the Internet and without the need for you to be at the call center headquarters.

The Bevatel Softphone Application is the latest application that enables you to make and receive calls for your business via mobile professionally and with multiple features.

Softphone applications Features

There are many advantages of the Softphone applications that Bevatel provides to call centers for commercial activities and establishment. And we can mention them in some points briefly as follows:-

User-friendly with mobile and computer.

Make video calls and conference calls.

Notifications of incoming calls and voice mail

View the status of your employees.

Call waiting and diverting feature.

Make PSTN calls.

Integration with different systems.

User friendly with mobile and computer

One of the most popular Softphone program features from Bevatel is that they are easy to run applications on mobile, computer, and tablet.

Once you have this application installed on your device, you can run it, make and receive calls for your establishment or business cloudly from anywhere with an internet connection.

Make video calls and conference calls.

The softphone application from Bevatel allows you to make conference calls with your employees to conduct business meetings over the phone.

It also lets you know when they are available for a conference call and sends them a message to request group communication.

Also, this application enables you to make video calls with your employees to discuss some details or track the work progress in general.

Incoming call and voicemail notifications

Softphone applications from Bevatel provide your staff with notifications regarding incoming calls and voice mail. And these notifications will reach their mobile phones.

Your employees receive the contents of incoming audio files to voicemail, which helps them decide whether to answer calls or follow up on customers later.

Track work / View the staff status

Bevatel Softphone Sip enables you to monitor your organization or business workflow. The softphone application allows you to track the status of your staff and view each employee's status whether he is online, busy on a call, or with a meeting with a client or another employee. And it provides you with other details that help you see the progress of your work, moment by moment.

So, from now on, you will not have to wait for someone or send messages to anyone to wait for a response because by using the Bevatel Softphone application, you can know the working status of each employee.

Calls' waiting and forwarding features

One of the essential advantages of the Softphone applications application is that it includes the waiting and diverting calls feature.

The call forwarding feature is one of the most popular features provided by the Bevatel Softphone application. Using the softphone, you can select the call to divert code and enter the call extension number directly.

Make calls to PSTN

Bevatel Softphone Application allows you to make calls to PSTN just by connecting to the Internet.

One of the most popular features of these applications is that you can connect to the PSTN service provider from anywhere and cloudly. And perhaps this feature is essential regarding using the softphone as the phone number of your business or organization moves with the employee anywhere.

Integration with different systems

You can benefit from the Bevatel Softphone applications and get its multiple advantages to make and receive calls for your business by integrating your call center and the soft application with other applications and systems such as CRM systems and other systems that help you to provide better service and technical support to customers.
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