Softphone Software

Bevatel Softphone Software is the latest professional application that enables you to make and receive your business calls from anywhere via mobile or computer and with many advantages.

Softphone Software

Softphone Software

What is Softphone Application?

This application is the latest Bevatel softphone application which enables you to make and receive your business calls online and remotely, just by connecting to the internet. Softphone applications are from the most important programs and applications that many companies and establishments rely on to develop their contact center performance.
So from now, you won't miss any of your customers' calls as you will be able to receive their call, answer their inquiries, and solve their problems from anywhere and remotely using the softphone software and connecting to the internet.
Bevatel softphone application enables you to make and receive calls via a computer or mobile phone, as this application works across Windows, Android, and IOS systems. So you can rely on the Softphone application to make and receive your business contact center calls via computer or mobile for faster and more professional communication.

What are Softphone Software advantages?

Softphone Software provides many advantages that make communication better, faster, and easier with customers and users.
In addition to making and receiving calls online and remotely by connecting to the internet, there are other Bevatel softphone software advantages, we can mention some of them in some points and briefly as follows:

Calls' waiting feature.

Calls recording & forwarding.

Conference calls.

Voice mail feature.

User-friendly panel.

Caller identity recognition.

Why do many companies use softphone applications?

Many commercial and non-commercial establishments depend on Bevatel Solutions and services like softphone applications for many reasons and features.
Bevatel is the leading Saudi company that provides all call center services and solutions for companies and governmental establishments.
For more than 15 years, Bevatel has succeeded in being the leading company to provide contact center services for many governmental establishments, hospitals, real estate companies, etc.
Many reasons are making commercial activities, and establishments use Bevatel call center systems and solutions, we can mention some of them, as follows:-

Fewer Requirements

Bevatel provides contact center services and solutions like softphone software, cloud call center system, professional high-quality VOIP devices. Then you can operate your business call center without any complicated installations, cables.

High-quality Services & Lowest Costs

Bevatel provides advanced contact center services and solutions like Softphone Applications with high quality, capabilities, and the lowest costs.
Bevatel provides services and solutions by professional specialized experts, technicians, and specialists in call center services.

User-friendly Services & Solutions

Bevatel contact center solutions and services like softphone applications are professional, user-friendly without any complicated cables or devices.
Also, you can benefit from a Softphone application that runs easily by downloading them on the mobile phone or computer and running it by connecting to the internet.

Fully Secured Systems & Services

We provide softphone software, call center services, and solutions via powerful fully-secured servers and databases to assure your establishment and your customers’ data privacy and confidentiality.

Better organized connection

Softphone Software enables you to well-organize your business or your establishment calls through one application helps you control your contact center via mobile or computer remotely without being in the contact center.

Regular Technical Support

  • One of Bevatel for contact center solutions advantages is that it provides regular technical support for customers 24h/day.
  • Bevatel Always seeks to help companies and establishments develop their contact centers through Bevatel call center services and solutions.
  • Bevatel provides regular technical support to solve customers’ problems, answer their inquiries about call center solutions or softphone applications.
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