Unified Call Center

Create a unified call center for your business or establishment to provide your customers with better service and technical support quickly and with the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

Unified Call Center

Unified Call Center

What is the meaning of a Unified Call Center?

It is an integrated call center provided by Bevatel as one of the solutions and services for various call centers. It is the latest integrated professional call center, as it includes cloud systems for call centers and customer service. And then these systems run online and remotely just with an internet connection.
Before we mention the Bevatel Cloud Call Center features, we will highlight the main components "they are features in themselves"

What are the Bevatel contact center components?

Its also known as the integrated contact center because it includes a cloud call center, CRM system, a distinctive unified number, landlines, and other details.

Cloud Call Center

It is the latest professional call center system from Bevatel, and it is the latest cloud call center system in Saudi Arabia.
This system provides many advantages that enable commercial activities and establishments to make and receive many concurrent calls cloudly, online, and remotely without being at call center headquarters.
Also, this system provides professional features for call center managers so that they can manage and fully control the call center from anywhere through:

Live Panel.

Performance Reports.

Live Panel

The live panel is one of the most important Cloud Call Center features and an essential of the Bevatel Cloud Call Center system.
This panel enables call center managers to view the workflow lively by listening to current calls, directing employees, correcting wrong information, ending the concurrent call, and other features that help managers follow up and evaluate the customer service staff performance.

Performance Reports

Bevatel cloud call center provides many detailed reports about the customer service staff performance, the number of incoming and outgoing calls, the number and duration of break periods for every agent.
These reports help the managers monitor and track the call center staff performance weekly or monthly. Then, you can evaluate every agent to develop the contact center performance in general.

CRM System

The Customer Relationship Management System “CRM” from Bevatel is the latest one in Saudi Arabia that many companies and establishments use to monitor and develop all sales and marketing processes.
The CRM system helps you track sales processes from catching potential customers to converting them into real ones.
This system also enables you to recognize the potential, current, and new customers’ problems and needs, know their inquiries, and provide them with appropriate services and solutions.
Also, this system enables you to manage stores and follow up on suppliers' transactions, the available and sold quantities of the products.
This system also allows you to manage the current and new projects, distribute tasks to employees, and follow up on the staff performance.
Finally, this system includes many advantages for executing many SMS or e-mail campaigns and following up on various digital marketing campaigns.

What are the Bevatel Unified call center advantages?

Bevatel Cloud Contact Center provides business activities and establishments with many advantages that make many corporations depend on Bevatel Contact center services and solutions.

Integrated Services and Solutions

One of the Bevatel Unified Call Center advantages is that it includes integrated services and solutions for making and receiving calls and managing the customer service. Bevatel Cloud Call Center includes:

Unified Number 9200.

Cloud Call Center System.

Bevatel CRM System.

Besides that, these systems and solutions provide multiple professional integrated. Here are some points as follows:

Operating the call center in the cloud, online and remotely.

Performance monitoring through (Live Panel & Performance Reports).

Calls Recording feature.

Calls Waiting & Forwarding feature.

IVR and voice mail service displaying.

Sales processes monitoring.

Digital marketing campaigns tracking.

E-mail and SMS marketing campaigns.

Contacts log management, customers’ problems and inquiries monitoring.

Managers listen to the calls in a private panel.

Guiding employees privately during a call.

Correct wrong information for the caller during the call.

Why Bevatel for advanced contact center services and solutions?

Many business activities and establishments depend on Bevatel services and solutions for contact centers for many reasons that we can mention some of them as follows:

Bevatel is a leading Saudi company certified by the Saudi Commission for communications and information technology.

For more than 15 years, Bevatel has succeeded in being the leading Saudi Company in the advanced contact center services and solutions for business activities and establishments.

Bevatel provides integrated services and solutions to establish a professional contact center (Cloud call center system, CRM system, distinctive unified number 9200).

Bevatel has professional experts, specialists, and technicians in Cloud call center services and solutions that all establishments need to.

Bevatel provides all the unified call center services with professional, multiple features at the lowest costs in the United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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