Unified number

Get the unified number 9200 service, provided with the latest cloud call center system from Bevatel, at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia and with multiple professional options and benefits.

Unified number

Unified number

What is the unified number 9200?

When an establishment or business requests the unified 9200 service from Bevatel, we offer him several options of the number 9200. So, each institution can choose the unified 9200 that you want at the best price in Saudi Arabia.

All unified numbers provided by Bevatel to institutions and commercial activities are certified and licensed by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission and certified by STC.

Bevatel number 9200 service Features

Bevatel provides a unified number service with many professional advantages to make and receive calls to target customers. We mention the most prominent of these features in some of the points briefly as follows:

A number 9200 for your entire establishment branches

An impressive brand for a professional establishment

Several calling features (waiting feature, voice mail, IVR, etc.).

A unified number for your entire establishment branches

By using the Bevatel number service9200, you will not need to have several numbers to make and receive your target customers' calls because Bevatel service enables you to connect all your establishment branches with a unified 9200 that allows you to receive all your business calls.

You can receive all your business calls with the number 9200 from anywhere and without having to be in a defined branch.

In addition, the number 9200 service from Bevatel helps you get rid of having several numbers to communicate with your customers. Instead of having a phone number for each branch, Bevatel provides a unified number that you can use to receive multiple concurrent calls from anywhere.

In general, this feature enables you to facilitate internal communication between your employees and to transfer calls from one branch to another one in another city. This feature helps you to provide your customers with the best service and the best technical support.

An impressive brand for a professional establishment

Your use of a number that starts with 9200 gives the impression to your target customers that they are dealing with a strong brand and professional organization that values ​​their customers and strives to provide them with the best service and technical support.

Calling Features

Bevatel provides establishments and commercial activities with many calling features to provide better service and technical support to customers through the Bevatel cloud call center system unified number 9200 service at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia. We can mention the most prominent advantages of the cloud call center system from Bevatel for customer service and technical support in some points briefly as follows:

Waiting Feature.

Record calls and extract reports for the last 30 days.

IVR Feature.

Voicemail feature.

Waiting feature

The cloud call center system from Bevatel enables you to operate the waiting feature that eliminates the problems of busy lines and losing customers. This feature allows you to keep customer calls when all the customer service staff is busy. And it helps you to play specific music or voice messages that include offers, services, and opening times for your organization or business.

Recording calls and exporting reports

The Bevatel cloud call center system allows you to record calls and export call recordings for the last 30 days. And then, this feature helps you track your workflow periodically, evaluate the performance of customer service employees, and then direct employees and develop performance in general.

IVR Feature

The unified number 9200 service allows you to activate the IVR feature to respond to customer inquiries and problems through some previously recorded voice messages.

And then, this feature allows you to provide service and technical support to customers throughout the day and at any time, even during off-duty hours. Also, it saves you from the problems of busy customer service staff, as your customers can utilize the IVR feature to inquire about services or know solutions to some technical issues.

Voicemail Feature

The Voicemail feature allows callers to leave their complaints, inquiries, or suggestions in one or more voice messages. Then the specialized staff receives these messages and communicates with customers.

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