VOIP Phone System

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VOIP Phone System

VOIP Phone System

VOIP Phone System Devices

VOIP is a shortened word for Voice over Internet Protocol.
This technique transmits voice and video calls digitally via internet networks (it must run with a high-speed connection).
VOIP technique turns voice signals from landline or mobile into digital signals via the internet.
In general, Communication via VOIP Phone System is a professional alternative communication way instead of landline and traditional devices which require many tools and complicated installations.
Before we recognize VOIP Devices, we will first clarify how this technique works…

How does VOIP Technique works?

If you depend on VOIP products you won’t need many complicated installations or cables; as VOIP technique works via the internet protocol.
VOIP devices depend on PST “Packet Switching Technology” that splits analog signals into small data packages to be transmitted via internet networks. Then you can make and receive calls via these packets.
This technique is more advanced and flexible than the traditional technique of Voice transmitting via landlines that depend on CSN “Circuit Switched Network” that transmit voice signals via copper cables to make and receive calls.
Voice transmitting is done via internet protocol with VOIP products in a number of steps.

VOIP Technique Processing Steps

Voice is transmitted over the Internet protocol through VoIP devices in 5 steps, which we briefly mention as follows: -

Convert analog audio signals into digital signals.

The audio packets are well compressed to ensure that no delay occurs in the transmission of sound.

The audio packet is transmitted through the Internet protocol.

The audio packet is being received.

The audio packets are analyzed and extracted, and the digital signals are then re-converted into audio and sent to the phone.

VOIP Devices

You can depend on many tools and devices to benefit from the VOIP Phone System which can help you make and receive high-quality calls online instead of traditional Communication ways.
We provide all VOIP technique devices on Bevatel online store for companies to develop their contact centers' performance.

We can mention some of Bevatel VOIP phone system devices in some points, as follows:

Wired call center headsets

Wireless call center headsets

IP Phones

Yeastar VoIP PBX

Yeastar VoIP Gateway

Yealink Video Conferencing Room

Why do many companies depend on Bevatel VOIP Phone System Devices?

Many companies and establishments depend on VOIP Products and techniques to make and receive high-quality calls online with VOIP devices that Bevatel provides.
Bevatel has many capabilities and advantages that make it from the best companies to provide contact center services for the others.

Many reasons make companies depend on Bevatel VOIP devices, we can mention some of them in points, as follows:

Bevatel VOIP Products and devices are professional with high-performance and accuracy.

Bevatel provides distinctive after-sale services.

Bevatel Provides regular customer service and technical support 24h/day.

Bevatel is a leading and certified company from Saudi communications and information technology.

Bevatel provides high-quality services and products at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

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