IVR Service

Get Bevatel IVR Service, get rid of all busy line problems, and keep connected with your customers all the time. IVR Solution for regular customer service and technical support 24h/day.

IVR Service

IVR Service

What is IVR Service?

It’s also known as IVR Solution, IVR Recording, or IVR System. IVR is shortened to the word Interactive Voice Response.
This system responds interactively and automatically to the callers with some previously recorded voice messages. These voice messages include many options with information and data which the callers benefit from.
This service is interactive; because it’s based on engaging with the callers, expect their inquiries and questions about the company or establishment products or services. It’s a voice service because it includes many voice messages that answer the callers’ inquiries and solve their problems with many options that callers need.
IVR Recording helps callers to connect better with the company and get the info needed faster and easier with many options that we can mention some of them in points, as follows:

  • For Arabic language, press number (1)
  • For English language, press number (2)
  • For technical support, press number (3)
    • For IVR service inquiries, press number (1).
    • For IVR service support, press number (2).
  • For voice mail service, press number (4).
You can benefit from IVR Solution in many ways that you can customize according to your business needs and purposes. So, we will describe IVR Recording types on this page.

IVR Solution Types

Bevatel Provides companies with 2 IVR System types from the most popular IVR solutions which help the companies to develop their contact center. We can mention IVR types that we provide the company with, briefly as follows:

One level IVR service.

Multiple levels IVR system.

One level IVR service

This is the simplest IVR recording type; it allows you to add one level of Interactive response for displaying a voice message or communicating with an agent.

Multiple levels IVR system

This is a more advanced IVR System that enables you to create IVR recording series with more specific other IVRs.
This system is higher cost and price than one level system, but it provides many advantages and capabilities with many IVR levels and voice messages include detailed info about the callers’ problems and inquiries.
In general, this type of IVR solution includes many previously recorded voice messages to provide multiple prime and subsidiary options that answer the customers’ inquiries and problems.

How does IVR recording work?

IVR system works via previously recorded scenarios and voice messages with options that include answers and info about the company's services and products.
Then, IVR's recorded voice messages answer all the callers' inquiries and questions by pressing on a specific number that forwards the caller to a list of options and every option includes info concerned the caller questions.
Even to more than above, this service provides the callers with details and data about the subscribed services, renewal dates, their packages and more by integration with CRM system.
We can simplify this technique, when the customer calls the company hotline, he will listen to many voice messages with multiple options. And these messages help the customer get info and answers that he looks for even communicate with the company.

We can briefly mention that in some points:

The customer or the user calls the company hotline.

Listening to welcome message and language change options.

Listening to some options with previously recorded voice messages, and then entering a specific number to get the info and the results needed.

Getting the needed info and answers, and then returning to communicate with customer service, technical support, or voice mail to leave a voice message includes inquiry, complaint, or others.

In General, Bevatel IVR service provides many features for better communication with customers, forward the calls to the department that the customer wants to communicate with. It also valuable in the cases of busy lines, calls waiting and calls forwarded to voicemail, even to display the company promotions via IVR solution with some previously recorded voice messages.

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