Call Center Agent

Always get the best-advanced call center agent services for cloud call center systems, CRM, and technical support with professional features and the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

Call Center Agent

Call Center Agent

What is a call center agent?

Bevatel Call Center Company specialized in providing integrated services and solutions for customer service and technical support for call centers for establishments and businesses, with experts and specialists in the call center systems and customer relationship management field.

Bevatel is a leading company, certified and licensed by the Saudi Commission for Communications and Information Technology. It provides all the solutions and services needed to operate a professional call center with high-quality professional systems and tools at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

Call Center Agent Services

Bevatel Call center agent provides all the services and solutions needed to obtain a professional call center with the latest systems, tools, and devices to make several concurrent calls and receive customer calls 24h/day with multiple options and benefits. We can mention the essential call center agent solutions and services in some points as follows:

Bevatel Cloud Call Center System.

Customer Relationship Management System.

Outsource Call Center.

SMS service.

Cloud Call Center System

Bevatel Cloud contact center is a system that you can use to make and receive call center calls for your establishment or business with many professional calling options and benefits for the customer service, technical support, and sales departments.
The Bevatel system is one of the best-advanced call center systems because it works cloudly and remotely without the need to be at your call center headquarters. And this system does not require specific devices or installations and cables because it works just by connecting to the Internet.
This system provides you with many features that help you provide better service and technical support to your target customers. And we can mention the most prominent of these advantages as follows:-

Call waiting and call forwarding feature.

IVR and Voice mail feature.

Call recording feature for the last 30 days.

Track performance via live panel and performance reports.

Customer Relationship Management System “CRM”

The Bevatel customer relationship management system is the latest professional one that enables you to manage and develop all the processes of your customers' interactions and dealings with your establishment or business through many modules and professional tools which this system provides you.

Bevatel CRM systems are versatile by various company departments such as the customer service department, marketing and sales department, technical support, project management, and others that can benefit from this system to accomplish tasks and provide better customer service.

The customer service management system enables you to implement and follow up on all e-marketing operations and campaigns. And this system also helps you to recognize the attitudes and problems of your target customers accurately. Hence, it enables you to provide appropriate services, products, and offers that meet their needs.

This system also allows you to implement and track all sales processes from catching leads and sending them financial proposals, converting them to actual customers, and even issuing invoices.

Outsource Call Center

The outsourced call center service is one of the most popular services of the call center agent that Bevatel provides to establishments and businesses with many advantages and the lowest costs.

The Bevatel call center outsourcing service includes a cloud call center system, CRM system, a call center headquarters, and customer service staff to receive calls for your establishment or business.

By subscribing to Bevatel outsource call center service, you will not need to have a call center headquarters, purchase devices, subscribe to systems or assign customer service staff to receive calls. Bevatel provides you with an integrated call center service at the lowest costs. You will only pay a monthly fee for your subscription to the call center service.

One of the most popular advantages of this service is that Bevatel provides it to you through professional specialized call center agents trained on the latest international standards for call center and customer service. In addition, Bevatel instructs them on your services and products.

SMS Service

Bevatel provides SMS service for establishments and businesses with many advantages and options to contact target customers or target audience in the fastest way and at the lowest costs.

And through the Bevatel SMS service, you can send your messages to many of your target customers in seconds and one click through Bulk SMS service. Or you can also send individual messages to each contact particularly.

You can benefit from SMS service to execute many mobile marketing campaigns or to invite your customers and contacts to visit your site or your online store or for other purposes that help you increase sales and profits.

In general, many institutions and activities rely on the services of the call center agent "Bevatel." whether text messages, customer service management, and call center develop their performance, provide better customer service, and increase sales and profits.

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