Call Center Management systems

Get the latest Bevatel professional call center management systems for your business or establishment, and stay connected with your target customers with multiple options and features and at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.

Call Center Management systems

Call Center Management systems

What are the Bevatel Cloud Call Center management Systems?

Cloud call center systems are the latest professional systems for operating the call centers of establishments and commercial activities with multiple options and features to make and receive calls remotely and anywhere. These systems work just by connecting to the Internet.

Bevatel provides cloud call center systems for businesses and establishments to enable them to make and receive many concurrent calls according to their business needs and requirements, in addition to the many other advantages included in Bevatel systems for call centers, which we will mention in points, as follows:-

Fully Cloud Systems & Remote Work

The Bevatel Call Center Management systems are completely cloud-based and do not require any complicated cables or installations like traditional call center systems. These systems run only with an Internet connection at an appropriate speed to the number of extensions and the volume of the call center that the system will run.

Therefore, you can run these systems in cloud and remotely, and then you can track the workflow of your establishment call center and listen to customer service calls, technical support, and sales from anywhere online.

This feature also allows your staff to work remotely online from anywhere without the need to be in your establishment call center. And then, you can assign customer service staff to work remotely, and this feature saves you a lot of costs of setting up headquarters, offices, and many devices for customer service staff.

Advantages of cloud center systems

The cloud call center systems from Bevatel include many advantages that you can benefit from to obtain an integrated professional call center for your establishment or business, provide better service and technical support to customers at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia. The most important features are:-

Track the workflow (Live Panel and system reports).

Calling features (recording, waiting, calls forwarding).

IVR Feature.

Track the workflow

The Bevatel Cloud Call Center system allows you to monitor the workflow of your establishment or business call center through several distinctive features and options that enable you to track your work performance periodically and with reports through the Live Panel and system reports.

Bevatel Live Panel

The live panel is one of the most prominent features of the Cloud Call Center systems provided by Bevatel to track the workflow of the call center and the customer service staff performance periodically.

The Bevatel live Panel enables you to view the ongoing calls and their details, and listen to the calls privately and without the caller or employee knowing. And then this panel enables you to privately direct the agent or correct info.

This panel also allows you to join the call at any moment in case of a customer take liberties or if there is misunderstanding between the customer service agent and the customer, or to end the call in general.

Cloud Call Center System Reports

Bevatel Cloud Call Center provides professional integrated reports about your establishment or your business performance.

These reports provide you with in-depth details about your contact center staff performance, working hours number, break time number and duration, missed calls, received calls and its duration and the number of calls made by every agent.

These reports, which the Bevatel system provides you with, help you follow up the workflow daily, weekly or monthly, and thus help you evaluate and develop employees' performance by recognizing the strengths and weaknesses in their performance and directing them towards development.

Calling features (waiting, recording and transferring calls)

The Bevatel Cloud Call Center system provides multiple features for making and receiving calls, including call recording, waiting and call forwarding.

The system records outgoing and incoming calls to the call center of your establishment or business, and you can export call recordings for the last 30 days.

This system also allows you to run the waiting feature, which enables you to dispaly audio recordings of your business offers and services, or audio recordings that include details about working hours, company branches, and others.

IVR Feature

This feature is one of the most popular Bevatel call center management system features. Bevatel systems allow you to activate the IVR feature that helps your customers to get answers to their inquiries regarding your services or products.

In general, Bevatel provides you with professional cloud call center systems with integrated and distinctive options and features to run your establishment or business contact center and provide better service and technical support to your customers at the lowest costs in Saudi Arabia.
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