Call Center Quality Evaluation

Bevatel call center quality evaluation' methods are the latest and effective ones in evaluating contact centers and improving the customer service, sales, and technical support staff performance.

Call Center Quality Evaluation

Call Center Quality Evaluation

What is the meaning of call center quality evaluation?

Call Center Quality Evaluation means analyzing your customer service department's performance in your business or establishment, identifying weaknesses in the customer service staff performance, and recognizing their commitment to the establishment's performance standards, the call center, and customer service global standards you have trained them on.

Bevatel Cloud Call Center monitors reports of your call center staff performance in dealing with customers, the time the employee took to solve the customer's problem, the total call and waiting time, etc.

Bevatel provides many customer service evaluation methods that many businesses and establishments use to develop their call center staff performance, provide better service and technical support to customers, and increase profits.

Call Center Quality Evaluation Methods

There are many call center quality evaluation' methods, and we cannot explain them all on one page, and they are diverse. So, some companies depend on each other and leave others, according to the needs and requirements of each establishment.

It is worth noting that some methods of call center evaluation come from the call center systems and customer service management system CRM that the establishment or business depends on.

And others are methods devised by each establishment that seeks to evaluate its call center staff performance. We can mention the most popular methods of evaluating a call center in points as follows: -

Live Panel.

Performance Reports.

Call Evaluation.

Live Panel

Live Panel is one of the most important methods of call center quality evaluation. And it is one of the most important features in the Bevatel Cloud Call Center system, which provides multiple details to evaluate the call center performance periodically.

Bevatel Live Panel helps you evaluate your call center staff performance. Through it, you can listen to all the ongoing calls without the caller knowing and without the employee knowing as well. Then it enables you to direct the employee or correct information for him.

Bevatel live Panel allows you to join the call to respond to the caller inquiries in some cases that require this or end the calling when the customer overtakes the employee.

In addition, through the live panel, you can view the employee's status, is the employee in a meeting, with him on a call, or during a break?

In general, this panel enables you to track your call center workflow in real-time and then helps you evaluate and develop the staff performance.

Performance Reports

The Bevatel Cloud Call Center system provides you with comprehensive and detailed reports on the call center staff performance. And these reports are one of the customer service evaluation methods that help you identify the weaknesses and strengths in your staff performance.

Performance reports provide you with in-depth details about each employee's performance, the number of calls made and received, the number of calls missed, as well as the duration of each call, average call duration, and average waiting time.

Performance reports also provide you with details about the number of breaks each employee took over the month, week, or day, as well as the duration of each period.

Call evaluation

Call evaluation is the most important method for evaluating customer service in general because it helps you know the extent of your customer's satisfaction with the service provided to them, the performance of call center employees, and your establishment in general.

Call evaluation that we mean here is the evaluation that the customer makes of the service provided to him, the call, and the employee as a whole. And this evaluation is completely different from the evaluation that you make on your staff performance and the extent of their commitment to the standards and fundamentals of your call center work.

There are several ways to evaluate calls, the most important of which is to conduct a customer evaluation questionnaire on the calling. you can conduct this survey can in several ways, the most prominent of which are as follows:

The Quality Management Department contacts customers after the call and fills out a questionnaire with the customers' answers about the calling and the agent's performance.

Recording the questionnaire items by voice and contacting customers to fill out the questionnaire, in which case the questionnaire is filled out automatically without the need for an employee. This method relies on the auto-dialer system with customers after a defined time passed after the call.

Call center quality evaluation' methods are the best ones for all commercial activities and establishments which seek to develop their staff performance. And then provide their customers with better service and technical support, improve the sales and marketing department performance and increase sales and profits.

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