Cloud contact center

Establish your cloud contact system and get a quick and better communication with your customer from anywhere.

Cloud contact center

Cloud contact center
Cloud contact center is among the most important modern tools that companies rely on to better communicate with their target customers, whether for various commercial activities or governmental and non-profit institutions. Recently, call centers have become an urgent need for establishments that need to make and receive many concurrent calls. Therefore, many call center systems enable companies and establishments to make and receive high-quality calls and provide better service and technical support to customers and users.

What is a cloud contact center?

The word of contact centers is the most comprehensive and general word for the various call centers that companies establish to make and receive calls. Contact centers consist of a professional call center system, computers, high-quality headsets, systems, and devices that help you get an integrated call center, make and receive calls (IPhones, customer service management system CRM and ERP System.)

What are the usage of contact centers' purposes?

Many commercial activities, governmental and non-profit establishments, and charitable institutions establish a professional call center for many purposes. Call Center creation reasons differ from an establishment to another according to each one objective and size. We can mention the most popular reasons and objectives that make companies establish their call center through some points briefly as follows:
  • Calls making to sell your products and services via mobile
  • Calls making to provide the customers with regular technical support
  • Customers' inquiries and questions answering
  • Customers' orders for products and services receiving

Cloud contact center advantages

There are many cloud call center advantages that you get by using this professional cloud system. Some of these advantages come by using the systems themselves, and others come as additional features by integration with other systems. Here, we can mention the most popular cloud call center advantages for your business, through some points briefly as follows:
  • Call center detailed-monitoring.
  • Calls recording & forwarding.
  • Multiple Integrals.
  • Working Remotely.

Call center detailed-monitoring

The latest call centers enable you to monitor call center staff performance in detail and regularly with many technical features. Advanced systems allow you to monitor the customer service staff performance, starting by receiving calls, interacting with the customers, answering their inquiries, solving their problems, and even ending the calls. This system also provides the call center managers with many other details about the staff performance during their working hours, such as:
  • Received calls' number
  • Missed calls' number.
  • Call duration.
  • Employees break duration.

Multiple Integrals

You can connect the cloud call center system to some systems that provide you with high-performance technical features and help you accomplish many tasks faster and at lower costs. You can connect the call center system to the softphone application, and then you can make and receive your business calls with your mobile phone. You can also link this system to the customer service management system “CRM” and ERP system via API Integration.

Calls Recording and Forwarding

The cloud call center system provides you with a call recording feature. Then you can listen to the recordings to know the customers' problems and needs and evaluate and develop the customer service employees' performance. You can also benefit from the call forwarding feature by diverting outgoing customer calls to a specific department or employee according to the caller's problem, number, or other considerations.

Remote Working

Cloud contact center systems allow you to run a professional contact center online and remotely. Then you can make and receive your business calls remotely from anywhere around the world without being in your business office. This system allows you to hire customer service agents to work remotely without being at the workplace, as this system runs cloudy and does not require any complicated installations.
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